1. So me and my friends lately have been gettting scammed.(auction house) What I propose is that there is a way to withdraw your bid from certain items once you have bidded on them. Hence no more auction house scamming.
    If you could add this it would be really helpful. Thanks!
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  2. Like what items?
  3. LittleBitWeird

    LittleBitWeird Well-Known Member

    You have to confirm the bidding, so adding this is pointless. You can easily not bid on it if you look carefully.
  4. zKqrr

    zKqrr Active Member

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    Or you can just use your eye to look at what items you are bidding on.
    There are already people who suggest this and got backfired by certain outcomes.
  5. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

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    If you fall for this you deserve it...
    Read the items
  6. People would bid millions on an item as first bid and withdraw it to fuck up your auc.

    Just.. No.
  7. Imagine finally getting a scythe blade and selling it on auction. Someone bids 10 coins then someone bids 100mill. At 1 second left the 100mill bid get retracted and your scythe blade sells for 10 coins. This would never work
  8. Since it´s the usual bid on my garbage ill trade you my good stuff scam, why not add physical coin items?
    Like 1 coin, 100 coins, 10000 coins, etc which you can exchange at only the banker?
  9. Doesnt work that way, a) the last 3 seconds of an auction are "soon" aka you cant bid anymore, and b) if you bid on an item with <2 mins left the timer gets reset to 2 mins.

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