1. Someone is botting pit blob again. I know nothing can be done about this, but incase anyone cares...



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  2. I hate these people. It's not fun at all, especially if they use alts to just feed themselves a bunch of kills.
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  3. i doubt anything will happen the staff gave up on the game they care about skyblock
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  4. Pit is still pretty popular compared to games like Tower Wars or Capture the Wool.
  5. Update:
    He prestiged and kept doint it...
  6. just screenshots, proves nothing
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  7. Still annoying as hell to deal with tbh
  8. this is why gold has no value anymore, anyone can just bot without any issue and get infinite gold. Heck, i would do it if i didnt have morals. Its not like they are gonna get banned or anything, staff dont care.
  9. It's also why I stopped playing Pit as much tbh
  10. Says someone whos botting to pres 30
  11. imharrybtw

    imharrybtw Member

    they’re trading their respect in the community for a bug that’ll be patched soon, let them do it lol
  12. You literally can switch a lobby or just don't go in the blob.
    i honestly don't understand why it's so complicated
  13. It will not be patched soon by the time it is they will already of reached pres 30
  14. imharrybtw

    imharrybtw Member

    /ban UnfillsAlt Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages.
  15. boots9111

    boots9111 Active Member

    There's tons of people doing this, they 90% aren't going to get banned because they do it in short periods and then log off or swap blob 1 to other people.
  16. This, and the fact that admins dont give a rat's ass about pit
  17. Because Pit doesn't net them money like Skyblock does. Skyblock is their cash cow and money maker.
  18. Update: I have received word of awoofingpanda getting banned. If so, then DOOT DOOT DOOT we did it bois party time
  19. Ok
  20. Post sources, Also did you get any word on Hazeliz being banned?

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