1. So i have been hearing a lot about them, and am wondering what each number is worth.
  2. i dunno if any are for sale rn, but I think superredhulk bought one for his museum, and one got bought in the lobby for ten aotds
  3. Basically here how price goes:
    Elevators go down in price like root

    So elevator 1 is 250m
    Elevator 2 is root 2 250m
    Elevator 3 is root 3 250m


    Down to 10m
  4. i doubt it. in that case only 1 and 2 are worth more than 10m (250m and 15m respectively)
  5. Past #1 and #69 and possibly #420(69 and 420 don't exist yet), 0 coins for all of them(or be like me and trade for ytber f reqs)
  6. how much is 12 worth?
  7. #69 will be worth so fricking much
    when it gets given out you’ll see ads in lobby one saying “invite to endgame guild with daily god splashes and 5 overflux orbs for ancient elevator #69
  8. Zelcra

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    A lot.

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