1. Hello! I would like to introduce myself, and hopefully gain a few people who may like me. To start off, I am known as CherryIshWeird, in-game. You can just call me Cherry though, which is what I prefer anyways! ;)

    As to what games I love to play on Hypixel, well...here's a list!
    1. Mega Walls
    2. Bedwars
    3. Arcade Games
    4. Murder Mystery

    Outside of the game, I am an inspired artist and vocalist. I mainly use pencil and paper (traditional), yet I also love to take my traditional art and make it digital, as to make it neater and colored. Some may see this as weird, or unappealing, but my favorite type of music usually leans towards metal/alternative metal. Although, you might think that
    RED is my absolute favorite color, in reality, it leans more towards a FOREST GREEN. :p

    My preferred movie is Big Hero 6 (Baymax is just so ADORABLE!). Criminal Minds seemed to have caught my eye many years ago, and I still love the series to this day. Warriors is a book series that I read as a young child, and still love to read in the present! Also, so I do not forget, I am a diehard The Nightmare Before Christmas fan, and a Tim Burton fan in general.

    To top it all off, I follow the quote underneath:
    "Sometimes KINDNESS is enough..."

    Why do you think I try to be so nice? Er, well, to the best of my abilities, perhaps. :confused:

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  2. Iuck

    Iuck Active Member

    Hey Cherry, welcome to the Hypixel forums. <3
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Opsect

    Opsect Well-Known Member

    Neverland LANDER
    Hi there Cherry!
    Enjoy your stay here at the forums!
  5. Thank you for the welcome! :)
  6. Welcome!

    Welcome to the forums, and most importantly enjoy your stay!
  7. Welcome to the Hypixel Forums Cherry ♥
    Nice to meet you :)

  8. Welcome to the Hypixel Forums :>
  9. Swahh

    Swahh Active Member

    Welcome to the forums, Cherry! I also like those games you have listed. I use to do art back in grade 10 I still do it every now and then. Hope to see you on the server and maybe play some games with you :)
  10. Hello Cherrie, nice to meet you, and welcome to the forums! :D
  11. Saffio

    Saffio Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
  12. Welcome to the hypixel forms if you need any help be sure to ask me and others around :D

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