1. when the huge amount of players are on for the day and its a uneven amount a game starts and there ends up being 1 or more people stuck in lobby waiting for them to finish up and start a new game, why not let people join in during games if there is leavers or something like that
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  3. This is a perfect idea with no* problems whatsoever.

  4. This would cause a lot of unbalanced games because higher levels would just join one team and more people would not enjoy playing.
  5. The idea itself is good enough but as the other peeps said
    Tho i wouldn't mind being able to spectate ongoing games
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  6. Yeah, that would be pretty nice to have.
  7. Imagine being able to join a game that is in-progress and being able to join with the missing player's upgrades, weapon, and class. None of the stats you get are counted, however there might be new stats to keep track of the kills you get when filling in for a player. It always gives you the same class, level, and weapon stats as the player you fill in for, and for that game only.

    It can work out, you just have to be a bit more creative.

  8. So essentially you are required to play the rest of the match as an entirely different player? Not only does that sound like it would suck a lot of the time, but sounds kinda hard to implement in the first place. It would be a random luck of the draw for what(or who) you get. That might sound somewhat interesting, but think about it: You wouldn't be able to play as the spec you like, with the weapon you have or at the level you are. I know the original idea has plenty of problems*, but this doesn't sound much better.

    *If you were able to see through my incredibly well-hidden sarcasm
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  9. Players would have the option to select from a list of missing players that shows the weapon strength, class, spec, and level. And honestly whether it would suck depends on the person - some people play very well or at least well enough with many classes or specs and might be a high level player looking for a chance to play as a lower level again. And perhaps players would earn double coins for the kills and assists they get.

    If a player doesn't like one of the classes/specs they can sub for, they can just not.
  10. This still isn't the worst idea in the world, but it seems needlessly complicated to add in the way you suggest. Maybe it's just me, but I think it wouldn't be that great a lot of the time. It also completely ignores games that didn't start with a full playercount to begin with. It would be a lot of work for staff to add when, as you said, they can just not. I think getting double coins would be cool though.

    It's not that I hate the idea of players being able to join rounds mid-game, I just have trouble finding a way that would work and not mess things up.
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  11. Set them to level 00 stats and starter weapon? Better than nothing at all.
  12. ILoveHatuls

    ILoveHatuls Well-Known Member

    good idea
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  13. 7Cabritos_gamer

    7Cabritos_gamer Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna support this idea.

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