1. I have a good computer but i don't know if i am getting as much fps as i should, i have:
    Cpu: ryzen 2600
    Gpu: rx 5700 xt
    Ram: 2x8gb 3200mhz

    I'll start now, i noticed that some people get a LOT of fps for example i see some people getting like 1600 fps where i would only get like 600 with a similar computer.
    Sometimes i find some ways to get more fps for example i got 100 more fps by updating video drivers.

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated, thanks
  2. 8hi


    8hi Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    ~600 average FPS with that specs are just fine.
    Anyhow, you should try to follow the tips in this guide [LINK], it's really helpful!
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  3. Translator

    Translator New Member

    i wish i had a setup that good

    i have a 1050 ti still lol
  4. @DiddyLox gets like 900fps on a bit bad but not op good gpu while I only get 300 with my 2080, it's all just settings because on low I've gotten 2200 fps
  5. Well, your fps can depend on mods you use, other applications running in background, your render distance and much more. If you truly want to see your graphic card’s capabilities run benchmarks and compare to other peoples
  6. Having more fps reduces input lag, useful in pvp.
  7. that should do you good, even ways minecraft uses more of cpu than gpu
  8. not useless it makes it more smooooooooth also no need to limit fps thats why g sync exists
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  9. bro wtf u mean I’m getting 50fps with lowest settings homie
  10. Just watch out for bottlenecking of course.
  11. RainyDayss

    RainyDayss New Member

    maybe some of the comparison you're seeing with others is that they have graphics, particles, and everything is fast in their minecraft settings. just a thought tho.
  12. are you using mods?
    Also, what refresh rate does your monitor have? If its 60hz, or 144hz, all you see is 60 or 144 frames so it really doesn't matter.
  13. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

    OG Nation OG
    If you have a 60Hz monitor, 120fps should be fine, but a lot of people have a monitor with a higher Hz, so 120 I’d noticeably worse

    Not really... if you are running at 60fps+ you will still notice a difference with a 60Hz monitor, although visually it would be the same, things like input lag (for example) are less prominent if you have a higher fps
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  14. slope

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    Honestly for me a rule of 4x works the best. If I have 60hz monitor use 240fps, 144hz about 600fps.
  15. Bruh people being like “I hAvE 1600 fPs!!!” are legit idiots. They brag about this yet there is seriously no point for two reasons;

    1) Unless you are playing Minecraft in a movie theater, you don’t really notice a difference after a few hundred FPS. If I get 1000 FPS then I get 500, it’s not even noticeable.

    2) 99.9% of people saying that didn’t buy that pc, their parents did. So they are bragging about their parents money which they didn’t earn

    Seriously makes me sad
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  16. a...
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  17. he wasn't even bragging about his pc lmao he was just wondering if he was getting good fps considering his pc, which is a legitimate question

    hoes mad
  18. First off, “hoes mad” proves your 10

    Second off, I wasn’t complaining about him, I was complaining about the people who are like “YOUR POOR IM RICH I HAVE 20000 FPS”
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  19. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

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    ehh you don't really need 600fps for 144Hz
    more like 2x rule for me
    sure, 4x is obviously better, but it's so small, you probably wouldn't even notice it
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  20. 15 sir

    Why complain about people like that on THIS SPECIFIC THREAD? It's completely irrelevant to this topic. He literally just asks if he is getting the right FPS and you barge in here saying "Bruh people being like “I hAvE 1600 fPs!!!” are legit idiots."
    You clearly were aiming at him in a way lol

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