1. From these stats here: https://sky.lea.moe/stats/4z9/Zucchini - am i early, mid or late game?
    Btw my acc was insided and i lost a strong set, 2 legendary talismans and a few epics so if u want take that in consideration
  2. Between mid and late.
  3. beangg

    beangg Member

    Almost at the start of mid game I’d say?
  4. Like Midgame. Feels bad about the inside.
  5. Dimerite

    Dimerite Active Member

    Why do you care? Just enjoy the game on your own way.
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  6. Early/Halfway through midgame
  7. Wait... Strong + Tact is midgame now??

    I'd say you're halfway done with the endgame. Once you finish either Taran or Strong set you'll be 3/4 of the way to the end.

    Then just get an AoD or Pigman and you're golden. Midas and Superior are just "true endgame" wastes of money.

    Everyone sees the end differently though.

    Some people: "I gotta get every Slayer to VII, get 50mil Midas and full Superior, must get Overflux orb..."

    Other people: "I just want to be able to kill Zealots with one hit"

    Still other people: "I wanna be able to take down a IV Slayer with a team"


    I'm in the boat of "I want a good armor, good sword, and a good bow. Let everyone else get the good stuff."
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  8. It is true that people have different interpretations of late game, but seeing as dragon armor just fucked over all the previous midgame/lategame sets, dragon armor except superior is mostly considered midgame
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  9. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

    Lucid LUCID
    early mid
  10. I had the full taran set but i traded the boots for unstable boots cause the op money making method
  11. big mistake, oof
  12. abooody123

    abooody123 Active Member

  13. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    heres some [email protected] turn off your API
    the api allows people to be like "oh yeah! This dudes got a 50m midas and lots of talismans! I should hack him!" [do it in your sb menu settings]
  14. I have to give them my info for them to do it. Belive me i wont do it a second time :D
  15. Maybe mid-late mid game
  16. vhat

    vhat Member

    WasAFK AFK
    mid midgame
  17. Rotem100

    Rotem100 Member

    Mid-late game
  18. I have the opinion that early game is before you can oneshot any endermen in the end

    Mid game is anywhere from that to oneshotting zealots

    End game is anything past that

    Bonus tier! Flex tier! Have items such as silk edge or diver armor, and complete through the campfire
  19. Well, yea. Thing is there’s no new weapons that drastically overpowered. So it’s kind of tough to gate where’s mid and late game when the power level isn’t very different. Because of weapons like Raider’s Axe and Tactitions *cough*.

    Here’s what I would rank weapons and armor according to how far you are in game. Just my opinion.

    Early game:
    Ender armor and Under
    silver fang
    Aspect of The End
    Ember Rod
    Golem Sword

    Mid Game:
    Leaping sword
    Silk Edge
    Tactitions + Wood Singularity
    Raider’s Axe maxed.
    Protector/Young/Old Dragon Armor
    Tarantula Or Revenant Or Mastiff Armor

    End Game:
    Wise/Strong Dragon Armor
    Tarantula + Revenant + Mastiff armor
    Aspect of The Dragons / Pigman sword
    Mana Flux Orb

    Post Game:
    50m Midas
    Reaper Scythe
    Overflux Mana Orb
    Mosquito Bow
    Superior Dragon Armor
    Lv 6 Enchants

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