1. So, snapshot 19w41a has released and one of its features is, Toggle Shifting and Sprinting, which would be INSANELY USEFUL but when it comes to Multiplayer, oh boy, it would be quite the advantage, now unless Hypixel can code a way to make this feature not usable, it's easy to say that when 1.15 releases and Hypixel upgrades to it, there will be problems.

    Now please don't make a poll for Minecraft to remove this feature, it's quite useful, it's just problematic in Multiplayer, so there are three ways to fix this problem:
    1. Mojang should make a setting where servers can disable this feature (most logical and best solution)
    2. Hypixel should make a strict rule to never use this feature (this is probably the worst)
    3. Hypixel should not be 1.15 compatible (meh)
  2. It's the most logical & best solution but I highly doubt they'll ever do that so imo they shouldn't update to 1.15
  3. its very cool i guess but why its in skywars section
  4. will there be toggle shift now? It was previously bannable on Hypixel so if your able to do it in vanilla it will be interesting to see weather hypixel will make it 1.15 compatible or not, or just allow toggle shift
  5. I believe it was only bannable if it could be used while accessing your inventory or a chest
  6. Cause this is mostly just things you'd use in god bridging or ninja bridging

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