1. Ok so I just switched to the alternative game menu to see if it looks better than the classic.
    And I realized something, where is bedwars and murder mystery?


    I'm either blind or staff just dont want players to join both games.
    And no, im not asking how to join them im not dumb.
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  2. Hey,

    This is a quote from a moderator on another thread asking about the same thing:

    "As you have selected the old compass, you opted for the old compass. This means that you wont see any new games, as the compass was made before that.

    The new compass (you can change it in your user settings) does show all new games :)

    For people stuck in the old days and refusing to get with the time, you can still do ./lobby <gamemode> to get there (e.g. /lobby bedwars)

    Source: https://hypixel.net/threads/i-cant-...ol-old-compass-version.1413428/#post-11232707
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  3. Thanks , seems the problem sloved

    If u still have any questions it Free to start a conversation with me :)

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