1. Hey hypixel. So you may or may not be familiar with my old thread, "A Big List of Threads." where good threads are sorted by category and a description.

    Here, this thread is a spin-off of that where I will be having a big list of good threads, however, this is sorted by the person who made them.

    Feel free to suggest threads here, and I will add them.

    The Pit Strategies: This is a thread in which I give several strategies for "The Pit" game suggested by people in the comments

    Secret Fonts & How To Use Them: This is a thread where I tell people how to use more fonts than there are usually available on the forums.

    some Halloween story I wrote last year - Title is self-explanatory; not much else I can say except there's these zombies (but they aren't called zombies in the story!1!1!)

    How Luckykessie got Promoted!- An image-based story where Luckykessie gets the holy [Admin] tag

    Luckykessie and the MVP++ Steak - Sequel to the above, this time with a MEAT FACTORY.

    Snow Day Story - I make a story about a snow day in the future.

    Exosphere's 6000 Post Special - Some long thread about my life that nobody bothered to read lol

    Delta Rune Discussion Thread - IT'S UNDERTALE 2 MAN. (Made by the same guy, similar style and song but with a slightly different universe and new characters)

    List of Cool Sounding Words - Self-explanatory title.

    Post Leaderboards V2 - I list the people above 10k posts by how many they have. If you see this thread say hi and make sure to tell me if anyone else had reached the marker

    Happy Birthday Thread 3.0 - Based off of Danger's old thread; I list people by their birthdays

    Cringe Central Thread - A thread where me and other people would collect "cringe" and basically make fun of it; I stopped updating this because I felt bad but it's still an interesting archive.

    "I'm Offended!" - Forum game where the first person lists a topic and the next person lists how it "offends them" and they add another topic.

    Choose an appropriate song for the situation above! - Forum game where the first person lists a situation and the next person responds with a song that matches it and another situation of their own.

    Exosphere's Guide To Picking a COOL Name M8: This is mostly a trashpost where I tell people how to "pick a cool name" and give "image examples."

    Hypixel Maintenance Memes
    - I let people make memes about maintenances after the events of January 2nd

    Mini Nons vs. Dons Battles - My most arguably famous thread, this is a counting game where it starts at 500 and nons must count downward; and dons upward. After hundreds of pages; the dons won.

    Nons vs. Dons 1.5 - The same thing as above; but this time shorter in order to prepare for the 2nd game.

    Nons vs. Dons 2.0 - The grand awaited sequel; this time with a star wars theme.

    Nons vs. Dons 3.0 - The third game in the series, exactly one year after the first thread.

    Nons vs. Dons 4.0 - The fourth game in the series, on the dawn of the year 2018.

    Nons vs. Dons 5.0
    - The fifth game; nothing too special about this one

    Exosphere's Writey Thread
    - I make a thread where I write and monologue about things

    Name That Character 3.0 - I make a thread based off of Joshua's old forum game; albeit with a few rule changes.

    The Forum Number Challenge Game - Some overly-complicated forum game about challenges lol

    Housing 101- This is a thread where Aqua explains how to make different types of plots in housing.

    [GUIDE] Ban Appeals -
    This is a thread where Aqua explains how to make a good ban appeal.

    The Story of A Pro -
    A short story based on hypixel; self-explanatory title.

    The Chain (Part One) -
    A short story series; unrelated to hypixel.

    One Year Anniversary on Hypixel -
    Here, aqua explains what she's been through in real life and how she is unsure about the future.

    2018 New Year Reflection Thread -
    Here, Aqua reflects on her year including real life and hypixel.

    1,000 Posts Special - Losing Faith -
    Here, Aqua reaches 1k posts and explains her frustrations and issues in the hypixel community.

    Future of Minecraft -
    Here, Aqua talks about the future of Minecraft and what the game means to her.

    Motivations for playing Minecraft -
    Here, people talk about why they play Minecraft

    To The Hypixel LGBTQ+ Community -
    Here, Aqua starts a general discussion among lgbtq+ people of hypixel.

    Forum Member Nationalities -
    Here, the nationalities of notable members are recorded in a thread and poll.

    Introducing the new [PL] Rank! [Joke] -
    Aquaheart makes a new satire thread with a new rank after the MVP++ craze.

    [Guide] How To Be The Best Forumer EVER!!! -
    This is a satire thread where Aqua explains how to act like a certain infamous member of the forums.

    How To Succeed in Housing -
    This is a satire thread where Aqua explains how to "succeed" in housing.

    Let's Make The Largest Forum Poll!
    - Self-explanatory title; still growing to this day.

    Why Windows is Better than Mac - Self-explanatory essay

    Hypixel Helper Wave 16/17 February 2019 - Self-explanatory title; a list of all the helpers promoted on february 16th and 17th

    Hypixel Moderator Promotions 1st and 2nd February 2019
    - Same as above but with mods on 1st and 2nd of February

    Thank you for the past year, Skywars Lobby 1 - Micro makes a thread thanking people for all the fun times he's had in skywars lobby 1.
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    It would take a near a month to go through and find all my threads, sort them in categories ranging from "tf ew" to "pinned", and than also sort them based on relevance.. I cba to do that. Maybe someone else wants to for me?
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    Surprised I have to ask you to include my amazing threads.
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  5. Hypixel Zoo.
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    i would ask for some of mine to be added but ive stopped making decent threads some time ago
    and the other threads remind me how much off a staff suck up i was

    exxdee am i rite
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