1. Aboid

    Aboid Well-Known Member

    Good luck
  2. alecis455

    alecis455 New Member

    IGN: Alecis455
    Why do you want to join?: cause I love to be in a guild with caring players and also to make this guild a well known one
    Favorite game: build battle
    Age: 15
    plz consider me
  3. Accepting you after school

    I'll play the game that you consider yourself the best at when you can get online, check your conversations.
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  4. Can't accept you since you didn't respond to me
  5. GL with the guild bro :)
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  6. coolguymc

    coolguymc Well-Known Member

    Good Luck with the guild! :)
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  7. Wow, everyone hates this guild.
  8. another bump </3
  9. IGN (In game name): Mevian
    Why do you want to join?: Because I need a good guild and hope to become officer in the future :p
    Favorite game: uhh hypixel says lol
    Age (no effect!): 13
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2017
  10. I'll invite you when I can.
  11. Inviting again, don't miss this one :p
  12. mr_banana

    mr_banana New Member

    IGN (In game name):BiggieSmalls11
    Why do you want to join?:i need a guild and this guild sounds good
    Favorite game:BEDWARS
    Age (no effect!):13
  13. yo, link your account so I can know who you are.
  14. 2000 messages <3
  15. You can't link your account, so I have to decline.
  16. ☆ APPLY ☆
    IGN (In game name):Californiacat
    Why do you want to join?: I HAVE NO FRIENDS :( I saw your skyclash k/d thread and it made my feel better about my .33 kd
    Favorite game:Skyclash
    Age (no effect!):13 (almost 14)
    I can't be online but if it is possible to invite thru forms do that.
    if not i'm online 5:00pm Western time.

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