1. Welcome Newcomers/new players to our All game guild apply! :D

    ☆ About Us ☆
    Copyright is a guild that combines the intense gamers and casual gamers into one happy community. I will dedicate my time to making sure this guild is as good as it can be. We have a discord server (see below).

    ☆ Rules ☆
    No heavy swearing.
    No discrimination of any sort will be tolerated.
    Please refrain from calling players "bad", we try to combine intense and casual gamers.
    No spamming in the chat.
    No hacking (obviously)

    ☆ Discord rules
    Everything above ^
    More rules will be set when the discord comes out of the W.I.P stage.

    ☆ Requirments
    We are looking for all types of members to join, so setting strict requirements is a hard task. I'm not going to make regular requirements, but the idea is that we want you to have a good amount of experience.​

    ☆ Our Discord
    No longer a WIP! owned by @ReallyMadHobo.​

    ☆ APPLY ☆
    IGN (In game name):
    Why do you want to join?:
    Favorite game:
    Age (no effect!):

    You actually read the entire thing !
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  2. IFoundTheDoor

    IFoundTheDoor Well-Known Member

    IGN: MegThePink
    Favorite games: Mini walls, UHC, Skyclash.
    Timezone: EST
    Age: 13
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  3. Inviting you ASAP
  4. GL
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  5. Mathematics

    Mathematics Well-Known Member

    Good luck <3
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  6. Thank you!
  7. I can help you make a better thread.
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  8. I needed to update this at the last second because I accidentally posted it when it was half done. Help would be appreciated
  9. Best of luck
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  10. ign: cooldude42YT

    fav game : bedwars

    Timezone: cst

    age: nope
  11. I'm not seeing much variety in the games you play, AND you didn't give your age, so I'm going to have to decline your offer. Thanks for requesting!
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  12. #13
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  13. Haha nice!

    Looks real nice. :)
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  14. How does a thread get 100+ views and TWO applications...
  15. I wish the best of luck from me! :)
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  16. Good luck with your guild <3
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  17. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    IGN (In game name): 1bb
    Why do you want to join?: Because I enjoy being the #1 player in a guild
    Favorite game: UHC, Mega Walls, Walls
    Age (no effect!): Turned 14 last week
  18. I'll invite tomorrow morning, I need sleep :p

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