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    All About Reporting

    Reporting on the Forums
    Reporting In-Game
    The Art of Catching Hackers
    Documenting Abuse

    This thread has been set up as a courtesy to combine all report-related tutorials. Simply click on the links above to browse the relevant article in this thread. Once you're done, simply click 'Back to index' at the bottom of each article post, or click the upwards arrow on the bottom right of the page to go immediately back up here!

    Hopefully by reading this, you can become more resourceful in catching rule-breakers, and help us out! :)

    Credit to @RobityBobity, @Freylise80, @Ekaj5991, @Flummox_, @keystone, @Jayavarmen, @Relenter and @LucasAnderson for their contributions in the separate threads, as well as @Peso for editing and collating everything together.
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    Reporting on the Forums
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    Reports are ways that we have for people that want to make the server a better place. As of now we do not have enough staff to cover all of the lobbies and games. A lot of our staff do not have enough time to elaborate on every ban report as to what we have done. "Thanks" means that we have taken care of the matter. This is due to that fact that we usually do 2-3 pages of reports at a time so we like to go through them fast. Thank you very much for reporting rule breakers. We like our community to take action when they see something that they don't like to make our server a better place.


    • Do not include your in-game name anywhere in the thread!
    • If your video is over 3 minutes long, we reccomend you include timestamps of where the player is hacking. Time stamps aide moderators to process your report more effectively and efficiently.
    • If you do not include the in-game name(s) of the rule violators, you will have to resubmit your report.
    Please Note:
    There is a maximum time frame within which we can accept most reports. Should any evidence be too old and there is no valid reason why the report has taken so long to be made, the report may be rejected. Please make reports as soon as possible after the incident to be reported.

    If we have any evidence that you were using evidence to attempt to get the user you're reporting to do something (i.e. blackmailing them using the evidence to get them to do something), you may also be banned and the other users punishment may even be overturned. Do not use evidence against users other than to report them.

    Unfortunately we will no longer be accepting replay mod proof as valid evidence due to the possibility of the proof being altered or faked.

    At this point in time, we will also not be accepting proof recorded while using the first person spectating mode. Please continue to record by normal methods in third person view if you plan on reporting a player breaking our server rules.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however this is in the best interest of our players and the time they spend on our server.

    All parts of the format are required. It makes our jobs much easier if you format it exactly to what is written below:
    • In-Game Name:
      The rule violator(s) name.

    • Reason:
      What the rule violator(s) have done to break the rules.

    • Evidence:
      Screenshots and/or videos of the rule violator(s) breaking the rules.
    • Do you give us permission to share your proof:
      Yes or No

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    Reporting In-Game
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    At the Hypixel Network, we work our hardest to rid the server of rule-breakers. Unfortunately, as we are only human and can only do so much, we are asking for your help. We do have moderators from all different time zones on the server, to ensure we have the best coverage we can to help our players.

    Here's where you come in, the best way to get attention from our staff members every time you see a rule-breaker ruining your game is to notify us in-game.


    Notifying us In-Game
    Reporting cheating/blacklisted modifications

    Please report the player using the following format:

    /wdr IGN Rule broken

    Once you have made a report, please wait patiently as several processes take place, starting with it reporting to watchdog for a review and also notifying moderators that are on the server for them to review as well. If the player is banned you will receive a message informing you. If you do not get a response there maybe various reasons why, such as the Staff member needs more evidence or needs to be reviewed by another staff member, the player may be toggling or several other possibilities.

    Please note that if you notify a helper, they will also inform you to use /wdr command.

    Reporting chat violations

    Please report the player using the following format:

    /chatreport IGN
    Once you have made the report, it logs the public chat 10 minutes before the report was made and sends the chat report straight through to our staff members to review. Please be patient and wait for them to handle it, you will receive a message in-game that informs you as soon as your report has been dealt with.


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    The Art of Catching Hackers
    What is legit and what isn’t on the Hypixel Server
    Back to index


    Part I - Hacks

    Most Common Hacks :
    All those hacks are found very often on the server, we’ll only list those we can find, for example Regen Hack is now blocked, therefore we won’t talk about it.

    Apparently hack names change sometimes, but we’ll call them by their most common name.

    PvP Hacks :

    Literally aimbot will automatically aim at the nearest target. Depending on the quality of the hack, the target can be a living player, a spectator or even entities sometimes.
    Aimbot will make the player “headsnap”, meaning that his head will turn from its current aim to the direction of the target instantly. On video you can see the player’s head turn in 1 frame.
    Let’s be very clear, 1 frame means 1 frame. If you see the head moving very fast but in more that 1 frame, then it’s not aimbot. On hackers reports be careful, it happens that players edit the video to make it look like the head turned in 1 frame, look at the environment and check if there is no gap in the video when the headsnap occurs.
    Sometimes there is only 1 first headsnap and then the aimbot is fluent enough to face directly at the player’s body during the whole fight.
    Example of an headsnap :
    Example of Aimbot from a player POV :
    As you can see here when the target is in close range, the aimbot will aim exactly the same spot on his body until he gets out of reach. At around 50 seconds you can see another player getting closer and the head instantly changing direction to aim at the other target.
    Most of the time aimbot hacks are bad quality, a while ago players spectating games were entities, meaning that if you were in spectator mode while watching a hacker, if you were getting close to him, he would aim at you. That was a proof of aimbot, players aiming in the air at invisible spectators, but as I said, now spectators are completely vanished. If moderators had a way to only have the invisibility effect, it would be way easier to find hackers.
    Very common in Blitz and Arena - Often in MW and VampireZ - rare in Quake (sometimes modified)

    ForceField / Kill Aura:
    This is probably the most lethal type of hack. It makes you hit all targets in melee range, and this melee range is even extended sometimes (extended reach). A normal weapon range in Minecraft is 3.5 blocks, clients using that sometimes have up to a 4.25 blocks range. Some are automatic and some are combined to Aimbot. Meaning that the player will automatically attack all targets in his range, even if he is afk. If you see a player hitting more than 1 player exactly at the same time, or if you see him hitting his enemy while not aiming at him, that is Kill Aura.
    Lag, high ping and misplacement can make it appears like someone is using FF/KA. Basically, if someone enters the melee range of a FF/KA user, he’ll take damage until he is dead or until he gets out of reach if the attack is automatic or if the hacker is constantly clicking.
    Very common in Blitz, Arena, MW and VampireZ.

    Most common hack of the server for obvious reasons. It’s very hard to spot them.
    Due to the fact that some players can actually click very fast or “jitterclick”, a lot of players use this type of hack claiming they are legit.
    However there are differences between a legit fast clicker and a bot.
    First there is a limit to human clicking speed, jitterclickers are above 10 cps (clicks per second) and some of them can ever reach 20 sometimes. However they do not jitterclick all the time because it hurts at some point, they only do it when they need it. If you follow a player during 10 minutes and you see him having the exact same clicking speed in every fight, even against “noobs”, then the guy is most likely hacking.
    If you activate the blood particles it'll be easier to see.
    The easiest way to spot autoclickers is to fight them, but hearing them is enough. There is a clear difference between perfection and imperfection. A fast clicker will have a regular click, but not perfectly timed, however an autoclicker will have a dead perfect rhythm, trust me you’ll see the difference.
    Also if you hear someone clicking 30-40 or 60+ times per second, no need to tell you that this is not human.
    Above 15 cps, the players are using extra keys in general, which is not allowed. So they can click using 2 fingers on 2 different buttons and those 2 different signals will both be registered as left clicking. That’s why you can hear clicks overlapping on this video for example :
    Concerning the macro users it’s even harder to spot them. A macro user can for example make it so he’ll instantly click another time after each click, making him double his clicking speed. Of course this is extremely hard to see.
    In Paintball you can also use Macros and Autoclick to fire snowballs faster. But you’ll eventually run out of snowballs very fast, so people use the drunk hat to have unlimited snowballs.
    It is relatively easy to click faster that the normal shooting speed in Paintball, but no one is crazy enough to do it every game.
    Macro can be used to perform many other actions, like block hitting for example, meaning that when someone will left click, it’ll instantly right click after that. (It is easy to block hit legit, so it’s almost impossible to know if someone is block hitting legit or using a macro). Macros are always illegal.
    Hacks Extremely common in MegaWalls (not so much with the new EPH system)- Very common in Blitz and VampireZ - Rare in PB

    No Knockback :
    Very common hack in MW. You do not get knocked by any attack, giving you advantages and disadvantages in PvP. In MegaWalls the enderman class had a bug giving every player infinite no knockback, this bug will probably be fixed by the time this document is live(They have an Enderman head and Chain/Iron/Diamond enchanted boots depending on the level of their kit). Endermen have a skill giving them from 10% to 90% chances to have no-kb during 5 seconds. The amount of players using no-kb to make it like if they had the skill at max will be huge probably.
    Everyone else on the server not receiving knockback is hacking.

    Other Hacks :

    Fly :
    Fly hacks basically make you fly, like in creative. This hack is extremely common in TNT Games, however there are subtleties. If you see someone who look like flying but in a strange way, check the tab to see if this player is lagging. Lag + Double Jumps makes you fly, it extends the duration of the “double jump effects” and you can control where you go, so everyone watching you think you are flying. (This is an example of a player lagging and using a double jump : the lag can be even worse and make the player fly horizontally during a few seconds). Fly hack is way more obvious, there is no time limit, players simply fly around, sometimes near the ground to make it look like they are walking.
    There is NO game on the server where players can fly, not a single game. If you see anyone flying then he is definitely hacking (except if he is a bat in VampireZ).
    In Wizard you can stay the whole game in the air, but it does not mean the player is hacking, you can combo double jumps there, also if a player has the fire wizard class, he can tp himself upward (Expanation :
    ). But as I said, Fly hack IS obvious, players fly like in creative.
    Extremely common in TNT Run-Bow Spleef - sometimes in EnderSpleef - Rare in Blitz and MW

    Glide and Spider :
    Also very common in TNT Games, Glide will make you glide obviously, so you will slowly fall
    Example :

    Pretty stupid hack imo, considering that players still take all the fall damages when they hit the ground (in a pvp game).
    Spider makes you slowly climb on the walls, very used in TNT Run and Bow Spleef
    Example :

    Speed :
    It makes you go faster. This hack is very rare now on the server for some reason. The only game where we still see it quite often is Arena. Hackers use hot keys sometimes, so they can trigger it whenever they need it and for the time they need it. Sometimes combined with Fly.
    Sometimes in Arena - Rare in Blitz and MegaWalls.

    Rarer hacks :

    This hack makes players do small jumps when hitting other players. For some reason that gives you the ability to land critical hits absolutely all the time, even though critical hits should only be occurring when falling.
    Example :
    You can see the small jumps

    Used in TNT Run, it makes you destroy all the blocks in the set range you have activated on nuker in a square like shape around you

    Fast Placing:
    It allows you to place blocks extremely fast (instantly) and on an extended range.
    Used in MW sometimes by trolls or players who simply want to block everything around them.

    Fast Breaking:
    it allows you to break blocks faster by giving you haste. Might have seen a few in MegaWalls.

    Bow Aimbot:
    It makes you shoot right at your target. Some clients don’t even need to aim.
    Example :

    Some others aim at the nearest target, which means you’ll see headsnaps :
    But for some reason this hack is really rare on the server, or at least very hard to detect.

    Chest Finder/Trackers/Xray:
    Those hacks make you see things on your screens that you are not supposed to see.
    Chest finder is tracking the chests.
    Player trackers show you the position of players, sometimes with bigger nametags.
    X-Ray gives your the ability to find the ore blocks you are looking for.

    No blindness:
    Extremely used in VampireZ, no blindness simply removed the blindness effect, so you can do critical hits again, sprint and see without blindness.

    Auto Tool:
    This hack makes you instantly switch tool when you are punching the appropriate block. If you have a shovel, an axe and a pickaxe in your hotbar you'll instantly switch to the shovel when punching sand for example.


    Part II - The Games

    In this section we will list all the games of the server and see what can be done and what can’t.

    MegaWalls :

    -Speed : Many classes have speed potions in their kit, those potions last 15 seconds.
    Creeper/Shaman/Zombie/Enderman/Skeleton/Arcanist/Herobrine classes can have speed buffs during a few seconds using their skills or ability. But if you see someone running fast during a long time without hitting anyone or drinking a potions, then he is hacking. Remember that speed effect gives particles, speed hack does not. Players always have a Heath boost effect in MW so they always have particles, however health boost particles are yellow/orange and speed are light blue, when a player has different effects the particle colors are mixed together, so if a player has speed + heath boost, the color of the particle will be different than yellow/orange.
    -Fly : Nobody can fly
    -It is possible to run on the borders of the maps on the map DragonKeep, it’s called Wall Rushing and it is bannable : You can warn those players and ban them if they do it again.
    -Block Glitching is the action of placing a block on the ground in a protected area and jump on it before it disappears to reach 2 blocks high places. Using lag in order to exploit is bannable.
    Block glitching is extremely used in MW, it you play on the map Forsaken you’ll see players block glitching every single game. Just wait until a wither is dead, check on the roof of the castle and you’ll see players block glitching to access a safe zone on the roof.
    -You’ll see a lot of autoclickers/macro, FF/aura users. Increase of the aimbot hackers due to the new EPH system.

    TNT Games:
    -Double jumps : Double jumping while facing up will make players jump very high. Again, remember that lag + double jump can make someone look like flying. If you are not 100% sure that somebody is hacking, press tab and look at his connexion, he might be lagging hard.
    You can use double jumps in a row, you can have up to 9 double jumps in Bow Spleef and TNT Run and you have infinite Double Jumps in Wizard. So you can actually jump to the upper layer using double jumps in a row in TNT Run or Bow Spleef map C.
    -In TNT Run you can right click on sand/gravel to make the blocks disappear, that is not an exploit, it is a feature.
    -Players get kicked if they stay at the same place without moving. So if you see someone standing still in the air, if he is simply lagging, he’ll be kicked automatically by the system. In Bow Spleef hackers can stand still in the air pretending they are lagging and simply right click on their bow during a split second so they don’t get kicked by the game. Check the tab if they are really lagging, then probably kick them since you don’t have enough proof. However you should follow them during a few games just to see if they are doing the same thing.
    -You’ll see a ton of fly/glide/spider hackers.

    -Some players might headsnap, there are a few hackers using an extended version of aimbot.
    -If you see players flying on the Hustwood map, there is a known bug making people look like flying. (Not sure if the bug is still live)
    -Many players are using tracers and hacks increasing the size of the name tags.

    -You’ll find hackers using all the different types of PvP hacks listed on this doc.
    -If you see someone jumping with a horse from a high place and not take fall damage, he is not using “No Fall”, it’s just a common bug in Minecraft. You can jump off your horse in mid air and take zero fall damage.
    -When you get a kill you have speed II during 30 seconds, however the speed does not reset during the 30 second effect. So you can see players having speed during 30 seconds without drinking a speed potion, however after 30 seconds they need to kill someone else to get the speed buff again. But speed hackers are rare nowadays in Blitz.

    -Survivors CAN’T SPRINT. However :
    There is a bug when you start the game, if you are sprinting in the lobby before the start you’ll sometimes start the game while sprinting.
    Also sometimes players get pumpkin heads during a few seconds, during that time they can activate their sprint and they will sprint until they stop, until their sprint run out or until they hit a wall.
    If you see any survivor sprinting for no reason or sprinting during a very long time, he is definitely hacking using sprint/no blindness or even speed. If the players also looks like seeing everything then he is using no blindness.
    -Shaders give survivors the ability to see without the blindness effect, however that does not remove the effect, therefore they still can’t sprint and can’t do critical hits.
    -Vampires can transform into bat and fly, but if you see anyone flying without being a bat, he is hacking.
    -Vampires can only possess a fang, no tools. If you see any vampire with a tool in their hand, they are exploiting.
    -Players can’t /kill. It is possible to suicide in this game, using cactus, drowning or fall damages, but not right at the start. If you see any survivor dying for no reason in less than 20 seconds, he is hacking.
    -You can get knocked by zombies or Vampires if you are a survivor. So it is possible to access places 2 blocks high. If you see a survivor in a Vampire spawn for example, he probably did that and it is legit.

    -The use of the killstreak “ForceField” makes player invincible during X seconds. Also if you simply try to frag this player while he is using ForceField, you’ll die even if he was not shooting at you.
    -There are many macro users, if you see players shooting snowballs at an abnormal speed they are hacking (some will pretend that they are jitterclicking, if so you can always slow the video to see if the snowballs were perfectly spaced or not, if they are then it is definitely autoclick/macro. But honestly who would jitterclick in paintball..) Most of the time they are using the drunk hat, so they have a portal inside them. It gives them the ability to shoot infinite snowballs. If they were not using this hat they would run out of snowballs in no time.

    -There are players using Aimbot or Kill Aura.
    -You can’t have any hack increasing your damages or anything like that.
    -A few players are using Speed hacks. You can have speed in this game :
    Using the speed rune, it gives you a chance to have speed during 3 seconds when hitting enemies.
    You can also have speed after using shadowstep, if you see a players tping to an enemy and having speed during a few seconds it’s normal.
    However if you see someone running at an abnormal speed for no apparent reason, then he is hacking.
    -The no knockback in this game is a feature that every player possess. Very few skills give you a little bit of knockback.

    The Walls:
    You’ll find most of the PvP hacks there, mostly Kill Aura.
    There are some exploits possible in Walls. For example if you see a player on top of the lobby during the game or under the bedrock (between 2 team areas), they are exploiting.
    You can also hardly access another team area during the preparation. Players accessing another team area or the center of the map before the walls fall are exploiting.

    Arcade games is the kingdom of hackers.
    Kill aura and bow aimbot in Bounty Hunters, I also see some no-kb users and some hackers able to sprint when charging a bow (and no it is not a visual glitch this time, they really are charging their bow).
    Kill aura, no knockback and autoclick in Throw Out (players using no knockback will not take knockback until they reach 200 knockback above their head, at 200 they will die and respawn)
    Player trackers and speed in Farm Hunt, if you see a hunter going directly at all the animals like if he already knew where they are, he is using a player tracker.
    Kill aura/mob aura in Party Games 1 (you'll see players having insane score in Bat Punching, a very good player having a bit of luck can hardly go above 50 points, if you see someone with close or over 100 points...or players hitting all the mobs in the game where you have to kill mobs => kill aura/mob aura)
    Some auto tools in Party Games 2
    Kill aura and aimbot in Dragon Wars
    Fly and glide in Ender Spleef...
    Hackers everywhere, tons of them.
    Mostly Dragon Wars, Throw out and Bounty Hunters.


    Part III - Modifications
    What is and isn't allowed
    Please see our thread here on what modifications are and are not allowed:

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    Documenting Abuse
    Back to index

    For those who are new to reporting abuse or rule-breakers, please note that we will need sufficient evidence to exert any punishment over the rule-breaker. In many cases, people expect a photo to be enough evidence, however that is just not the case. For a simple 'nude skin', or 'spam', it may be sufficient. For sprint hacking, flying, aim bot, and 'derping', it may not always be enough.

    So here is a simple, yet educational guide on how to make sure you can report ANYONE at any time. You should make sure your PC/Mac is compatible with the ones you download. In 99.9% of cases, you should be able to run the programs listed below without any issues.


    Photos vs. Videos

    Believe it or not, there are a few reasons photo evidence should not be considered enough for evidence:
    • Evidence that can not be captured in one frame. Sprint hacking for example, self explanatory, huh?
    • *Past or future problems that result/cause the issue. Perhaps you did something to escalate
      the spam or provoke the issue.
    Even though this doesn't really exclude the punishment from being handled. Just consider this.


    Instructions for Windows PCs

    Taking Photo Evidence
    When taking photos, it is always a good idea to snap your whole client. Don't crop it. To quickly take a photo, locate the PRINT SCREEN / SYSTEMRQ button on your keyboard.

    The simplest way to take a photo is to hit F2 on your keyboard.
    Hit "flag + r" on your keyboard and type

    Find the .minecraft folder, followed by Screenshots. Your image can be uploaded to imgur, or more simply "Upload a File" on your post.

    When the F2 is taken by another application, the process gets a little lengthier.

    For a laptop, or similar keyboards, you should hit the FN key, followed by the insert/prtsc key!
    Are you on Windows 8? To easily take a screenshot, hit your flag and Print Screen button on your keyboard to instantly save the photos to your photos directory (Pictures).

    This will copy the entire screen (or screens for multiple monitors) to your clipboard. You'll want to paste the image into paint. Make sure nothing personal is showing, and save it.
    Upload it to IMGUR, or more simply "Upload a File" on your post.

    Another alternative, and my favorite is to use an external program such as Puush, Lightshot or Gyazo. Why? Because you simply hit a button, and edit the photo. It will upload the image for you and open it in your browser when it is done. I use Lightshot myself, so I'll explain how to use it.

    Either hit the icon in your system tray, or push the key bind for TAKE SCREENSHOT. You can edit the image using the toolbars to the right after selecting the areas you want to screenshot. Then select how you want to save the screenshot using the bottom toolbar
    (As you can see the button highlighted will upload the screenshot and provide you with a URL for it.)

    Don't go overboard on the censor though. Keep your client photo clean of it.
    You'll be able to use the image URL to submit it in your post.

    When picture evidence just isn't enough.

    There are those times where photo evidence just isn't enough. As I tried to make clear earlier; taking video evidence isn't as simple. I'll try to enlighten those concerns away with some tips. First, the programs I would suggest.

    The most simplest (that I've used anyways) would be Hypercam 2. Many would suggest other alternatives for better quality, but we are not looking for that. As long as we can tell what is going on-- Hypercam will be just enough for that. It's free, and installs in minutes.

    Using the program is simple. Few cautionary tips though.
    • Consider your playing resolution, and where your window will be located.
    • Consider how long you are going to record for. Don't record for too long. That will increase the file size.
    • Don't think you will be able to have us download the video via the attachments. You'll want to upload to YouTube.
    • The larger the file size, the longer it will be uploaded to YouTube.
    • Before you play, ensure the program is open, and is set to record your client. (I'll explain this below)
    • Decide if you will be playing in fullscreen (F11). If so, position the window where you will want it to be when you start recording so you can easily exit FS when you want to record.

    Once you open the program, all you need to do to ensure you are recording footage is to select the window (click the button that says Select Window and click Minecraft) and have it run in the background. For first time use, make sure you set the HOT KEYS. Default is F2 (for stop/start), and F3 (for pause). Once you are certain you are watching a hacker, hit your hot key until you feel enough recording has been processed.

    You should be able to upload the video to YouTube by uploading the AVI. Go to AVI FILE, hit "Open output folder" for the location of your recording. Some tips for recording videos.
    • Consider the length. Don't make it too big or small.
    • Make sure you are recording your window. The bigger your client is, the bigger the file size would be. I would record in the native resolution. Some people play on FS though.
    • CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT. If you are playing on full screen (f11), MAKE SURE you are out of full screen before recording.
    If you are wanting to use another screen recorder that is not Hypercam, you will want to make sure you are recording in AVI. If for some reason, your recorder does not allow that, open up Windows Movie Maker (XP/VISTA), Windows Movie Maker Live (7, and 8).


    Hit 'Import' on Movie Maker XP/Vista, or Add videos and photos on Windows Live Movie Maker. Then, publish the video. On Windows Movie Maker, you'll have one extra step.. Go to YouTube, and hit the Upload Video. Select Upload, then you should be done. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, click here to go to the Upload page. Make sure you are signed in though!

    For those of us on newer computers, you'll be able to upload the video from Movie Maker itself.


    Simple as that, we should have uploaded the video. If for some reason it does not work, just save the movie and upload it that way. Make sure you save it as a Windows Movie format.


    Instructions for Apple Computers
    Taking Photo Evidence
    When taking photos, it is always a good idea to snap your whole client. AKA, don't crop it. To quickly take a photo, press the Command+Shift+4 buttons on your keyboard.
    After pressing those keys, you will be able to crop anywhere on your screen and take an image of the cropped area. If you would like to take an image of an entire program, simply press the space bar located on your keyboard after pressing Command+Shift+4 and click on the program you wish to take a picture of.


    This will copy an image of the selected program to your desktop. Upload it to IMGUR, or more simply "Upload a File" on your post.

    When picture evidence just isn't enough.
    There are those times where photo evidence just isn't enough. As I tried to make clear earlier; taking video evidence isn't as simple. I'll try to enlighten those concerns away with some tips. First, the programs I would suggest.
    The most simplest (that I've used anyways) would be QuickTime Player. Many would suggest other alternatives for better quality, but we are not looking for that. As long as we can tell what is going on-- QuickTime Player will be just enough for that. It's free, and should already be installed on your Mac.
    Using the program is simple. Few cautionary tips though.
    • Consider your playing resolution, and where your window will be located.
    • Consider how long you are going to record for. Don't record for too long. That will increase the file size.
    • Don't think you will be able to have us download the video via the attachments. You'll want to upload to YouTube.
    • The larger the file size, the longer it will be uploaded to YouTube.
    • Decide if you will be playing in fullscreen (F11). If so, position the window where you will want it to be when you start recording so you can easily exit FS when you want to record.
    To open the program, head over to your applications folder and find QuickTime Player. For quick access, I would suggest dragging it to your dock.
    Open the program by clicking the image on your dock, or if you don't want to clutter the dock, simply double click it from the applications folder.
    Once the program is opened, you can begin recording by heading over to file, and then clicking new screen recording, or by right clicking the application on the dock, and selecting new screen recording.
    Once you have done that, a screen like this will appear.
    To start recording, hit the record button (the red circle) and this will appear.
    At this point, click and drag your mouse to create a crop area over your minecraft screen.
    Click start recording and QuickTime will start recording for you. When you are finished recording the hacker/exploit, hit the stop button and it will save the movie to your desktop.

    You should be able to upload the video to YouTube by uploading the file. Do this by opening the video, and then hitting the share and youtube button.
    It will ask you for your Youtube details. Enter them, and then proceed to the next screen.
    Give your video a title and choose whatever category you want. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE MAKE THIS MOVIE PERSONAL BOX. Leave the box unchecked as shown so that everyone can see the video and not just you.
    Once done with that, proceed to the next screen and hit share. This will begin the upload to YouTube and should only take 1-5 minutes depending on the size of the video.
    After that has been done, congratulate yourself. Proof of the hacker is now up and running on Youtube. Create a thread to report them right here and be sure to follow the format.
    • Consider the length. Don't make it too big or small.
    • Make sure you are recording your window. The bigger your client is, the bigger the file size would be. I would record in the native resolution. Some people play on FS though.
    • CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT. If you are playing on full screen (f11), MAKE SURE you are out of full screen before recording.
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