1. Latest Strategy: Pistol and Shotgun ultimate until you can afford diamond chestplate
    After: Knife, Double Barrel Shotgun/Gold Digger, Rainbow Rifle & Zombie Zapper and Lightning Rod Skill

    Also sorry for choppy footage, I didn't realize how poorly OBS handled the game.
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  2. Nice! I got 65 in a party and then I had to go : (
  3. Dang, impressive!

    Think changing up that 100% unique music might make those videos more appealing? ;)
  4. Oh, buddy, you probably only heard that 1 video. I would say more, but I think doing so is punishable.
  5. ha55ii

    ha55ii Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    dead game LOL nobody cares XD why do you think people wanna watch it

    Just filling in for animeless.
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  6. k raphtalia
  7. People doesent care man... The only one who cares is my crew who is going to kick you off...
  8. Yeah, waste your time and effort in this glitchy-ass map trying to make yourself look the best. Both of us won twice, buddy.
  9. My man... Just twice, that number is really low, maybe you catch up to 4
  10. Who are you to tell me to catch up? You have 2 AA wins, too!
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  11. Darling im going up to 4, maybe i got 4 already, who knows :p
  12. k buddy im just gonna let u and "your guys" put too much dedication and effort to this 1 challenge while i spruce up my channel w/ other zombies challenges
  13. got ya buddy
  14. not exactly funny though, maybe grow up.
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  15. ha55ii

    ha55ii Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    This has effectively 3/4 of the things I "strawmanned." The last one doesn't apply. Tell me I'm wrong. I just find your message ironic.
  16. Apparently this is toxic, how sensitive can one be.
  17. I don't understand what are you talking about but I guess I won't waste time here talking to children, got a lot of busy work to do.
  18. I did round 59 like a year ago and it was top 1 lol. Havent really played since
  19. round 105 is casual nowadays tbh, any current zombies mains who can't reach it are really terrible.
  20. Is 105 the final one? Im really good at zombie, but i just join random games so my highest record is 75 cuz i got partied with another good player

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