1. ChEaP sUpEr CoMpAcToR oNlY 400k ChEaP eNdInG sOoN /ah thristyvitus

    ...seriously no one cares and it just floods chat, making it unreadable. Just have the chat bot target "/ah, ah, auction house, ending soon, cheap" or some combination of these words and give a 1 hour mute. While we are at it those nubs claiming to be quitting and doing "top bid gets all my stuff" should be muted for longer (1 day - 1 week) for blatantly trying to scam.
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  2. I agree
    Whoah this thread grew
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  3. Some people do care though. I have seen many messages in chat advertising ah in which i then bid on the item and win it because it's good.
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  4. I agree
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  5. Just go to the auction browser and sort by "ending soon". It's server wide and there's a 99% chance you can find a better bid opportunity there.
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  6. Sometimes you don't know you want something
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  7. I dislike you, your content sucks.

    Also, people advertising in public chat does actually get them on average more coins. I personally don’t do it but I don’t care if people do.
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  8. I though these people already get punished? I messaged a mod about the compactor scam and they said it was punishable so i dont see why this wouldn't count.
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  9. If only it would be, but I doubt it.

    If "Join my stream party" messages in lobbies aren't mutable, those likely won't either.
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  10. I dislike trying to have a conversation and some guy goes like


    every half second.
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  11. /msg
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  12. Then move lobbies, I can’t imagine why you would spend so much time on the main island anyways. I don’t like browsing YouTube and seeing your clickbait thumbnails and titles but I don’t report you and claim how it ruins my day. Just deal with it and move on.
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  13. They copy paste the message and hop to every lobby saying the same thing. Also there's literally 10-20 of them in every lobby. You legit cannot have any other (more important) conversations there like selling up dragon killing parties.
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  14. I don't know about you, but generally i don't see 20 messages advertising an auction hall every second.
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  15. They have just as much of a right to advertise their auctions as you do to advertise a dragon party. Talk in party chat once you are all in and ready to go.
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  16. Why do you keep trying to bring YouTube into this? xD
    It's almost as if you have no argument and make personal attacks on me to make yourself look better. Stay on topic and actually make an argument, this is actually pathetic.
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  17. But none of his videos are clickbait?
    If we look at his most recent videos:
    There's no clickbait. You click on the video and you get what you clicked for.
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  18. it would be better imo that you can advertise once per hour.
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  19. Youtubers/Streamers often tend to advertise their auction on those platforms that other players wouldn’t get much attention on. Are you suggesting making it so normal players can’t advertise their auctions, while YT/Streamers (not saying you specifically) can do it on their respective platforms without fear of punishment or should that be punishable as well?
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  20. It’s not even just the clickbait, look at the thumbnails obviously meant to draw you in and then explain something everyone already knows, such as magma cream. Or the fact that the content is so incredibly mundane and unoriginal. They need to come up with ideas that actually have the slightest bit of originality. Also, one of those videos shows someone bidding 3 million on an item. He doesn’t need to advertise in chat because he had his channel and red YouTube rank name in-game. Normal players need to advertise in order for people to bid.
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