1. Hey! We all know AFK pools are not bannable on Hypixel. However, my AFK pool still kicks me for AFK (sends me to Limbo). It seems this is common and happens to a few of us on a regular basis.

    To prevent this, would powered rails work & sitting in a minecart AFK? I'm not 100% sure of this is allowed. It works essentially the same as an AFK pool, except you sit in a minecart and go round in circles not lifting a finger.

    Any help shredded on this will be grateful :D.
  2. Its the same, so i think you can.
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  3. IS your minecraft on your screen, like is is it open or is it in the background running?
    I get kicked when my computer makes minecraft run in the background, but when i put it on current screen with no escape menu, i dont get any kicks or errors.
  4. zirkill007

    zirkill007 Active Member

    you get kicked out of your afk pool at server reboots
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  5. I've tried various ways, with menu up, running in the background behind other windows etc etc. Nothing really seems to make much difference. Although I've not tried it without the menu up and just left it to sit.. Maybe I'll try that. Thanks!

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