1. I have 1.61 million coins in my bank as of now.
    How long would it take (days) for this to generate enough money to become, let's say, 20 mil?
  2. A long time. It’ll take 35 cycles(45 days) for the amount to double for the first 10mil in the bank.
    Day 0-1.6
    Day 45-3.2
    Day 90-6.4
    Day 135-<12.8
    Day 170-about 20mil
  3. Thanks lol, gonna grind melons now :c
  4. What did you expect? to afk overnight and wake up with a 50m midas?
  5. yes
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  6. No of course, that would be silly!

    I also wanted full Mastiff armor and all fairy souls and talismans!

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