1. Okay, we have a serious problem, chief. TNT's blast power is way too OP and there's no easy countermeasure against it, so if someone has TNT, your bed is basically gone, no questions asked. Think putting a few blocks of wool will save your bed? Nope. TNT is just that powerful. So TNT has had a very interesting past on Hypixel. If I'm not mistaken, it was 5 gold and at one point AND its blast power has also been reduced heavily in the past; so, my question to the bedwars devs: why did you go back to making TNT as powerful as it was when the game started?
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  2. Tnt 4 gold
    Water 4 gold (I think I don’t play solo correct me if I’m wrong)
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  3. tnt? 4 gold in solo and duos, 8 in 3s and 4s
    glass? 16 in every mode
    water? 3 in solos and duos, 6 in 3s and 4s
    just cause your bed got killed someone dropping tnt doesnt mean it has to be nerfed, there are more than enough countermeasures for it.
  4. Water was actually buffed to 3 gold so new statement would be:
    TNT 4 gold
    Water 3 gold
  5. dude i meant tnt was 5 gold at one point in the past
  6. Write a 400 word essay on a decent countermeasure to TNT, I'll wait.
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  7. LMAO its just tnt, theres glass and water, block it up with wool too
  8. Tnt sucks, just place 500 layers of endstone. I do that in 4v4v4v4. Also 2 layers of OBBY would help as well
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  9. just cuz u couldnt block in time doesnt mean its OP and has to be nerfed, honestly quit being salty its tnt its not even like you dont use it
  10. Ok this is definitely a rage post. You clearly don’t understand that TNT is easily countered with numerous items already listed above. Honestly, in 4s and 3s TNT doesn’t have much use against competent players because it’s 8 gold (pretty expensive) and by the time you have it and are rushing a team they will already have butterfly or other TNT defenses down which completely eliminate TNT as an option. Solo and doubles are a bit different - TNT is a tad bit better but the thing is that many people only put 1 layer of wool around their bed so it really isn’t needed. By the time you’re rushing a team with a decent defense you’ll usually have access to emeralds and therefore invis.
  11. Yes sir.
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  12. Git gud scrub
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  13. Yéét
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  15. I'll never understand the brainlets who say just use obi when you have to get emeralds before someone gets 4 gold and 8 iron to rush you.
  16. lol
  17. WATER bugs a lot
  18. Greninja

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    Counters to TNT:
    Umbrella of wool over your defense to catch the TNT
  19. oof

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