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  2. chocolatez

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  3. Please make it 100K a can. And last for 30 minutes.
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  4. How about a Diamond Pickaxe Talisman...?

    +100% damage to Obsidian Defenders.

    This is a joke. Please do not destroy and disassemble me.
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  5. just add pets so you can summon a hydra to distract them while clicking zealots
  6. That would be cool but since most people can one shot them anyways, maybe make a talisman that applies slowness to them once they hit you
  7. Or a undead talismans, which grants immunity to wither effect.
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  8. Interesting.
  9. Dimerite

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    Obsidian defenders are easy... I would pay for an endermite repellant though.
  10. I'd prefer a watcher repellent.
  11. Bug spray Talisman

    Take 50% less damage from Silverfishes and Endermites.
    Also kills them when they hit you.
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  12. Wait. What's the point of taking less damage if you can insta-kill them when they hit you.
  13. I’d say buff. Change my mind.

    Speaking as a two-hitter, we need some fear in the Dragon Nest. Just a few: get ODs replicating/double the speed of the player it ‘homes’ on; OR double the length of the actual ‘homing in’, because when speedy Gonzales over here ‘tapped, came and went’, it targets the unwary aspiring grinder who just happens to arrive; OR let ODs have ‘obsidian-textured-wither head’ projectiles to catch any grapplers.

    However, there should be a wither talisman though (because for some reason we have poison, but it’s just cave spiders) and as a way to possibly prep for a Wither boss at the *Dungeons update.

    If the End is truly an endgame area, there should have been more fear-inducing endgame threats, for the top newbie who just stumbles in the Dragon Nest and the experienced.
  14. Hungurr

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    Well let's say that they can insta kill you but you take 50% less damage so you live

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