1. Please.
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  2. chocolatez

    chocolatez Active Member

  3. Please make it 100K a can. And last for 30 minutes.
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  4. How about a Diamond Pickaxe Talisman...?

    +100% damage to Obsidian Defenders.

    This is a joke. Please do not destroy and disassemble me.
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  5. glennm723

    glennm723 Active Member

    just add pets so you can summon a hydra to distract them while clicking zealots
  6. That would be cool but since most people can one shot them anyways, maybe make a talisman that applies slowness to them once they hit you
  7. Or a undead talismans, which grants immunity to wither effect.
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  8. Interesting.
  9. Dimerite

    Dimerite Active Member

    Obsidian defenders are easy... I would pay for an endermite repellant though.
  10. I'd prefer a watcher repellent.
  11. Bug spray Talisman

    Take 50% less damage from Silverfishes and Endermites.
    Also kills them when they hit you.
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  12. Wait. What's the point of taking less damage if you can insta-kill them when they hit you.
  13. I’d say buff. Change my mind.

    Speaking as a two-hitter, we need some fear in the Dragon Nest. Just a few: get ODs replicating/double the speed of the player it ‘homes’ on; OR double the length of the actual ‘homing in’, because when speedy Gonzales over here ‘tapped, came and went’, it targets the unwary aspiring grinder who just happens to arrive; OR let ODs have ‘obsidian-textured-wither head’ projectiles to catch any grapplers.

    However, there should be a wither talisman though (because for some reason we have poison, but it’s just cave spiders) and as a way to possibly prep for a Wither boss at the *Dungeons update.

    If the End is truly an endgame area, there should have been more fear-inducing endgame threats, for the top newbie who just stumbles in the Dragon Nest and the experienced.
  14. Well let's say that they can insta kill you but you take 50% less damage so you live

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