1. Hi everyone! We have released an update to the achievements system.

    What's included:
    • Plenty of rewards![​IMG] [​IMG]
    • The Totem
    • Revamped menus
    • Achievements Tracking
    • Level and Achievements Leaderboards
    • Social features
    • Achievement bugfixes
    Read more below!

    ▶ Rewards Overhaul

    We have finally updated ye old non-functional achievement rewards menu with a brand-new, snaky menu filled to the brim with new unlockables.

    You will be able to unlock a new reward every 100 achievement points, from 200 through 16,000 points.

    The rewards are split between Starter, Gold, Lapis, Redstone and Emerald tiers.
    Reward tiers determine how much experience and mystery boxes you will gain from each reward.

    Every 500 points you will encounter a Major reward with totem unlocks.
    We also sprinkled some Special and Awesome rewards in there offering exclusive achievement cosmetics.

    Do note that for now, there are more rewards than possibly unlockable. New achievements will be created as we add games and content to the server. Be among the first few to unlock those higher-tiered rewards by completing achievements now!

    Exclusive Cosmetics

    The rewards include animated hats, many tiers of banners and a special cloak.


    Achievements Totem

    We wanted to highlight the long-term commitment of achievement hunters.
    To do so, we thought of a special companion: the Achievements Totem!

    As you rack up achievement points, you will earn new slots, body patterns, heads and colors for your totem. You can then mix and match all of those to customize the totemest companion for you.


    ▶ Menu Overhaul


    We brought a slew of changes to the achievements menu:
    • Shuffled main menu icons around
    • Explicit completion progress per game, category and total
    • Split challenge (one time) and tiered achievements in separate menus
    • Global achievements search
    • Sorting
    • Rewards menu
    • Totem Customizer
    • Achievements Tracking
    ▶ Achievements Tracking [MVP+]

    For our MVP+ achievement hunters, we added a brand new utility to keep a close watch on tiered achievements.
    All players can also now of course view their tier progress simply by hovering over achievements.

    Step 1: Click on a tiered achievement.

    Step 2: The achievement will be quickly accessible in the tracking menu.

    Step 3: You will receive a progress chat message every time you complete an action towards the achievement. (Toggleable)

    ▶ Level & Achievements Leaderboards

    We added a special area to the main lobby with leaderboards for Hypixel Level and Achievement Points. Make sure to talk to the Achievements Guide!

    The build and design of the leaderboards room is subject to change post-Halloween. Leaderboards do not reflect live positions in below screenshot.


    ▶ Social Features

    To bring achievements completion forward, we added a small profile preview on chat hover in lobbies.

    • Achievements unlocked in lobbies are now clickable to open associated achievements
    • Profile preview is also hoverable on MVP+ lobby join
    • Added achievements points to full profile menu
    • Added a button from the quests & challenges menu back to the leveling rewards menu.
    • Paginated the collectibles' suits menu.
    • Added instructions on how to rename companions.

    ▶ Achievement Fixes

    To complement this release, we fixed many achievements reported by the community.
    If you find more achievement bugs, the best way to report them is through the Bug Report Form.

    TNT Games
    Is it over already?
    - Fixed trigger
    - Updated description from "Win a game of TNT Tag before the last round" to "Win a game of TNT Tag with more than 2 players alive in the last round"

    Smash Heroes
    Shoop Challenge
    - Fixed trigger
    - Updated description from "Kill at least 3 enemies with FIRIN' MAH LAZOR" to "Kill at least 3 enemies with a single FIRIN' MAH LAZOR"

    Pug Challenge
    - Fixed trigger

    Void Crawler Challenge
    - Changed achievement to: Kill 2 enemy heroes during a single Shadow Fury
    - The achievement didn't use to work

    Cops and Crims
    Is it good now?
    - Changed achievement to: "Acquire all upgrades on a gun"
    - Simplified trigger condition to avoid confusion

    Where's my nuke?
    - Now possible to complete even if you died once in the game

    Darude Sandstorm
    - Upgraded one 'y' from 'allyway' to 'alleyway'

    Warfare Stylist
    - Fixed trigger

    Comeback Story
    - Fixed trigger, used to only trigger NOT in defusal
    - Changed description from "Be the last man alive and win" to "Be the last man alive and win in a round of Defusal"

    Am I late to the part?
    - Removed

    Secret Order
    - Fixed trigger

    Less Talky Talky, More Pew Pew
    - Fixed trigger

    Super Soaker
    - Fixed trigger
    - Changed heal requirement from <50% hp (instead of <25%) so it feels less random

    Total Domination
    - Fixed trigger

    All Warlords Achievements
    - Removed '.' at the end descriptions to fit with other achievements

    Arena Brawl
    - Changed required rating to 1250

    Climb the Ranks
    - Changed required ratings to 1100, 1200 & 1300

    Not Even Close, Baby!
    - Dunkied trigger.
    - Changed requirement from 50 hp to 250 hp to make it easier to trigger in a normal game

    I'm an even better Wizard!
    - Fixed trigger

    All challenge achievements
    - Normalized descriptions requiring wins (text only)

    Fight Like a Man
    - Changed "BountyHunter" to "Bounty Hunter" in description

    - Changed "DragonWars" to "Dragon Wars" in description

    - Fixed trigger
    - Changed required number of players from 4 to 3

    Zombie Killer
    - Now increments on every kill

    - Fixed trigger
    - Funny story: This achievement was awarded to each victim of a 10+ kill spree.

    Special thanks to the Hypixel Council and certain nosy staff members for their help with this update.
    Looking forward to hearing your feedback in-game and on the forums. Completionists rejoice!
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  2. dislike all u want kids but roblox hypetrain is best hypetrain
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  4. Finally! :D
    The long awaited update is here! Guild update now? ;)

    EDIT: oh wow I'm 3rd I didn't even notice. Cool I guess
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  5. texasaboy1

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    hypep train.png I guess people want this
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  6. Hype! :)
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  7. Joel146

    Joel146 Well-Known Member

    Puns PUN
    Great to see achievements finally rewarded! It was quite the pleasant surprise to log on to tons of experience.
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  8. Indestructal

    Indestructal Kiwi Mod | Appeals & Forum Team

    WeAreLonely LONELY
    Thanks for the update! :)
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    Smite SMITE
    There's one thing that pisses me off. You had the chance to make achievements something great, something to truly push for, and you made most of the rewards XP.

    Something that makes network level all the more important.

    You couldn't make something independent from XP. You couldn't restrain yourselves.

    I'm disappointed in that, at least.
    Oh, good. A wallet measuring board.
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  11. HYPE! :D
    Thanks for the update!
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  12. cheickens

    cheickens Well-Known Member

    Awesome update! Nice to see you guys working on long awaited projects!

    Guild update now? ;)
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  13. LostWolfGamer

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  14. MinnesotaPing

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    now fix the achievements!
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  15. This looks absolutely awesome!
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  16. ATanCommander

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  17. first page!!
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    IceSquad ICE
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    Woohoo time to “grind”... wait... how again [​IMG]
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