1. Gogeta

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    Can't someone just join a teams game, hide in a corner, and get carried to the win?
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  2. My tired achievement Kit Expert reset,good bug :rolleyes:

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  3. Looks like we've got some grinding to do... Great work to the dev and hpc teams!
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  4. omMYGGG!1!1!1!!1!1
  5. Yes achievements!
  6. Horri

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    I'm at more than 16K ap so i can consider myself as a big ap hunter, yet i don't really like this update.
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  7. thanks

    I would like to pose the question: Achievements aren't really worth anything, are they? I pose this question in view of the correlation between accomplished goals and AP, of which has so clearly degraded the repertoire of achievements for players to truly grind. This is, in fact been done time and time again for the purpose of rewarding players for completing achievements, which is contradictory in itself as an achievement should be the goal itself, the reward in fact is the achievement, not a petty +10 AP slapped on in a menu. Though this has been warped and twisted so that players focus solely on the bonus reward for an achievement, forming a perverted view of grinding by players because of this incentive. Players used to grind for the grind, leveling in Smash, playing games, learning new skills; though this is not the case.

    Now, this extrinsic effect on the per game grinding system has been further emphasized by the reduction of goals, bringing the bar down from a lust for AP, which is effectively exp, and making it easier to grind. This is an obvious and blatantly disrespectful attack against the players who reached for the hard to earn achievements. People put hundreds of hours into getting to SL 1,000. It used to be a leader-board position, it used to be very rare. A total of 74 people reaching it in the almost 3 year time span Smash has been alive. Now the number of people who've hit tier V is around 160, the rarity of the achievement has vanished, it's worth so little now.

    Cmon guys.
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  8. Krekara

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  9. You still haven't fixed the general achievement of Creeperbook and Ultimate Banker III, IV, and V. They still all don't work.
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  10. 0w0 more achievement points to get
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  11. mawuo

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    Guild Master
    made with giphy :0
  12. how do u get these things?
  13. Ethbar

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    Hot Gold look o:
  14. Now just nerf the tiered one of bridges four teams
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  15. Creeperbook fixed?!?!
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  16. Was at 7,900 points before, now I'm at 7,895...
    Does this mean I'll get the minor achievement reward again? lol
  17. Dammit I was at school
  18. *cough cough* Giphy *cough cough*

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