1. Hey Guys I'm New To The Forums + Brazilian if any grammar errors

    Who are you?

    I'm called xD_TF2, You can call me xD (Prefered) I am 13 years old, gender male, I'm gonna make 14 at 30th november and as bday present my mom cant afford it but I really wanted an Optifine Cape others could see​

    When and how did you join Hypixel?

    I joined at 29th november 2012 when I bought minecraft as bday present and I found hypixel when my friends recommended me it

    Favourite Network Games?

    Build Battle


    I love playing video games, 1st time I played I was 3 years old
    I love talking to people in sw lobbys
    I like building in housing + build battle
    I like sleeping xDDD
    I like talking with friends in whatsapp and instagram​

    Favourite Music?

    Brazilian Funk. Youtube Channel: KondZilla

    What else should you know about me?

    I got ADHD that affects my mental desorder if im really active and dont calm down thats why​

    Thank you for reading this.
    I know it a lot but I would like people to get to know about me.
    I hope I will see you all around on here or the server.
    I have loved writing this out for you guys.

    Thanks For Questions And Introduction @HonourRose This Is My Introduction
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  2. Billy

    Billy Well-Known Member

    Plants PLANTS
    Hello again lobby nerd,

    Welcome to the forums, hopefully you enjoy your time here :p
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  3. #3
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  4. Welcome to da n3rd squ4d
  5. Allo there, guesso!
  6. Emorla

    Emorla Well-Known Member

    E motions
    Guild Master
    Nice to meet you!

    Might I recommend you try posting this thread in the introduce yourself section. ;)

    Have a great time and hope to see you around!
  7. Welcome to the forums!
    Glad to meet you and hope to see you around in the server! :)
  8. Welcome XD!
    Hope to see you around the server, enjoy your stay! ;)
  9. Cera

    Cera Helper

    Hearts HEARTS
    Nice introduction thread, xD!

    It’s always nice seeing community members introducing themselves on the forums. We have similar interests on the network. I like to hang around Skywars lobbies and I enjoy playing Build Battle as well, so hopefully we’ll see each other in-game sometime!

    Anyway, welcome to the forums! If you have any questions or just want to have a little chat, feel free to start a conversation with me. I’d be more than happy to chit-chat. :)
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  10. I always see you in them like 10:00 am GMT-3 so yea i think will meet week days
  11. Tat_

    Tat_ Well-Known Member

    Welcome dude!
  12. Welcome to the forums!
  13. Hey, nice to meet you! I see you reflected in me because I remember that when I was younger I was obsessed with capes, haha. Also welcome to the forums!
  14. Welcome to hypixel forums! It's so nice to meet you! I love housing and freedom building too! It's awesome. I'm glad you're here at hypixel. I hope I see you around.
  15. oof, welcome to the Hypixel zoo
  16. Also, your plancke stats say you first joined in 2015, so...
  17. is for the foruns not game
  18. Rqcc00n

    Rqcc00n Active Member

    Welcome to the forums! I'm truly not that known on forums but I enjoy a lot of the same games and things you do. Hope you to see you around in game too. <3
  19. UglyStereotypes

    UglyStereotypes Well-Known Member

    Hi there xD!
    Welcome to the fourms! Enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me. :p
  20. Welcome ma man! Have a nice stay :p

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