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    What is it?

    This is a project ForumJelly has been working on for quite some time, which is an adventure map made for 1.12 that will allow up to 4 players and include several things such as side quests, a conflicting story, bosses, custom trades, custom mobs to battle, areas and builds built by us, custom traders, Easter eggs, and more!

    There was once two separate realities, The Light World and Dark World. They peacefully co-existed without contact, until one day the Light Kingdom was assaulted by dwellers of the Dark World. The Light Kingdom was crippled and both worlds are now aberrations. One ruined, the other twisted. Whoever was behind the operations was a dark power which dwelled in the other world, seeking the energy of the light. They found a rift between worlds and breached the barrier that separated them...

    The Player’s Role
    You are a soldier of the Royal Guard, whom at the start of the adventure, you report to the King and he tells you about a weapon which grants the ability to shatter the portal between the two worlds. While he is speaking, the attack happens. You survive, but the King vanishes... You, as the Hero, will traverse the Light and Dark worlds to find out who is behind all this and restore order.
    Travel worlds, find secrets, complete quests, uncover Easter eggs, trade with custom traders, slay bosses/mobs, and more...

    Important Additional Info/Settings
    All of these are required, make sure you follow these settings!
    Players: 1 - 4
    Minecraft Version: 1.12 - 1.12.2
    Playtime: About 1 - 2 hours
    Render Distance: 12+
    Clouds: Off
    Music: Off
    Ambient/Environmental Sounds: 75% - Max
    Difficulty: Anything but Peaceful
    Gamemode: Adventure
    Particles: All
    Time set: Night
    Commands: On

    Lead Builder: craftdiamonds
    Lead Developer: Saltasaur
    Lead Redstoners: ArcGurennLagann & CheatTriggers

    Builders: craftdiamonds, Saltasaur, NetherRecker, PhilMC_, TechGamerZ, joshua123_4, SH5RP, CheatTriggers, Diomancer, and WatchDowge

    Development Team: craftdiamonds, Saltasaur, PhilMC_, CheatTriggers, s2eforme, SH5RP, and ArcGurrenLagann

    Redstone/Command Blocks: craftdiamonds, getpermedbanned, PhilMC_, CheatTriggers, and ArcGurrenLagann

    Beta Testers: craftdiamonds, NetherRecker, Diomancer, VideoMaster, OpticAlex, CheatTriggers, bunnno, TkTubro, Sekai-Chan, Saltasaur, ArcGurrenLagann, Alendite/ButIFna, and PhilMC_

    Download - https://bit.ly/2LKrObz

    Map Trailer/Pictures

    2018-06-24_00.49.00.png 2018-07-01_16.22.53.png 2018-07-10_00.56.48.png 2018-07-12_21.58.34.png 2018-07-12_22.00.05.png 2018-07-12_22.01.31.png 2018-07-12_22.03.47.png 2018-07-12_22.09.32.png 2018-07-12_22.13.56.png
    2018-07-12_22.22.28.png 2018-07-14_00.13.24.png
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2018-07-26_23.08.17.png 2018-07-26_23.10.48.png
    2018-07-26_22.58.32.png 2018-07-14_00.20.09.png


    Found a bug or have any comments?
    Tweet to https://twitter.com/crafdiamonds
    Join our Public Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/Xt5p6YH

    Click here to see the WIP Thread

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  2. After Seven whole months of creation, the map is finally ready for release. I can't believe I am saying that! I really did not expect ForumJelly to actually finish this, we has several breaks and moments of inactivity that I thought it would never happen. However, with everyone's support we were able to release it!
    I have now tagged the creators of the map, friends, people who said they can't wait to play, and some other nerds :p


    This is just to make sure everyone gets a notification like PostFarmer did on one of his threads

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
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  3. vice

    vice Well-Known Member

    Mystic Fyre FYRE
    Congrats on finishing, it looks awesome! :D
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  4. Wanderer

    Wanderer Well-Known Member

    Wow, very impressive
    I'll have one download please :)
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  5. Tat_

    Tat_ Well-Known Member

    cool man! Looks good!
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  6. KazumaDesu

    KazumaDesu Member

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  7. Took a while but worth it!
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  8. ackenohhh

    ackenohhh Active Member

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  9. It's been such an honor to have had a chance to be a part of this map-creating community! You guys are amazing at what you do, enjoy the map everyone =D
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  10. Easy map to make.
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  11. It looks so cool!!!

    Thank you for the tag! I can’t wait to try it out later today with my brother!
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  12. Sorry that I barely did anything. At least when I play it it'll still be a surprise.
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  13. "Minecraft Version: 1.12 - 1.12.2"
    OH NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Certainly worth the wait, thank you for letting me work on the map project with you guys!
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  15. I'm so hype for this :D
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  16. Would smash
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  17. Nah man, its good
    This is an adventure map so 1.12.2 has soo much more you can work with
    It was worth getting rid of 1.8.9 Pvp for it, even tho you dont Pvp in the map, its PvE
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  18. MenacingSooubway

    MenacingSooubway Well-Known Member

    Gl hf everyone.
    Minecraftmaps next?
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  19. Ye the map has to be accepted, its one of those sites where it takes a few days
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  20. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Man, it's been quite a ride to work on this map. Especially when I beta tested, I couldn't look at something in the map without pointing out what I helped with. Craft, it's been an honor to serve you in your exploits. And also...

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