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  1. So i have been thinking about this world for a while already and came up with an attempt on putting together the lore by what one can see based on the build and development of the world. There are probably many flawes in my theorie but i am working those out and might even post an extended theorie with the next update if enouth people care for it.

    Attention the first 7 chapters are Buildup!
    If you dont care for the reasoning then go to chapter 8 where the actual theorie is listed though it might not make much sence without the buildup.

    Chapter 1: The King?
    Lets start with what one can see on the spawn island, there are a few things that derectly catch the eye. The first thing is perhaps the big castle ruins that is infested with agressive, perhaps possessed, wolfs. Lets start with who lives in a castel, the king or perhaps royalty, based on the world design the people who live here are clearly living in an older age so it is quite plausible but that throws up the question where is the king or the rich for that matter?

    Chapter 2: Unprepaired?
    Also why does everyone seem so ill equipped to fight the hordes of undead and other monsters which are creeping around? One would think that if you live in a world where monsters are an everyday thing you would be equipped to fight for your life or not? Which leads me to the conclusion that the world has not been infested for long otherwise it would probably look way different with jobs as the "slayerquest giver" having existed for a while. Also the suspicious stronghold in the mountain most likly being a inprovised build that should have been an armory for fighting the undead that was never finished and abandoned as one can see in the screenshots below.
    2020-02-13_22.32.48.png upload_2020-2-13_23-44-11.png

    Chapter 3: Unfermiliar power
    It also seems that the inhabitents of this world are not much fermiliar of the use of mana or alchemy seeing the only alchemicle ingrediants the, probably self proclaimed, Alchemist sells are those which can make simple or rather "vanilla" potions also the first "spells" they have been able to manage are a slight speedboosts with the rouge sword and higher jumps with the leaping sword and spider boots or the zombie sword that can heal a small portion of health only being able to replicate "vanilla buffs" that all need sertain "catalysts" or better said equipment to use with stuff like the aspect of the end which can teleport and so on which resemble sligtly advanced skills. Furthermore it seems like upgraded weapons like the ornate zombie sword are weapons that are still being developed with the mobs that apeared later being the golden ghoul witch brings us to our next chapter.

    Chapter 4: The Invasion
    For those who were not here befor the slayerquests got intereduced befor said time there was an area which was called the coal mine, that is where the ghouls roam today. But where did they come from? they werent there befor and they are very powerfull. There were a few posibilitys that i thought of to explain this but the one that i thought made the most sense was that idea that they might be evolving perhaps together with the rising density of mana that is being used on the usual now in this world. It also explains the slayer bosses since it seems that the 3 different mobs are just evolved versions of the former intereduced creatures which did not pose much of a thret at first. A further thing that leads me to belive this theorie would be the items stocked at the miner that are only stone and coal, meaning that he was not able to go to the actuall mines for quite some time other then the Iron and gold forger that are armored enouth to dare go to the gold mine other then the miner in the village though even they seem to shy away from the deep caverns them selfs since they are infested with the mobs that have recently claimed it as their own.

    Chapter 5: Otherworldy terrain
    There are two islands that clearly dont belong to the others the Nether island and the End island. The nether rich with hellish mobs and also a fortress that clearly wasnt made by or for man. The end island on the other hand seems like a whole different story intirely being mainly a crypt for the eternal dragon egg able to hatch uncountable times. At first i thought it might be some kind of cult but if this were the case why wouldnt they hatch the egg themselfs? That makes me think that the zelots, that just on the side are also the evolved form of the enderman as looked at in a previous chapter, are not monsters but actually the safekeepers of a otherwise devestating singularity of endless dragons with some of them intrusted with an eye to insure that the magic seal, or summoning altar is not activated having every eye though only holding a very small portion of the original power of the original needing 8 to unlock only a small protion of the seal or said differently hatch one dragon from. This also explains why they only attack when attacked themselfs being otherwise a peacefull humanoid being perhaps having there body warped by the power of the dragon since you can see how the Ender Dealer still has said physic of a human other then having pruple eyes and black skin hinting at also he is being effected by said radiating power. Now where did they come from and why are they here?

    Chapter 6: Dimensional collision
    I think that the reason that this all is becoes there was a collision of 3 different demensions, the one of those clueless villagers seeking help in a otherwise rather vanilla world, a different perhaps corupting world entirely inhabeted by a veriaty of different creatures that most likly are harshly being effected themselves and lastly the hypixel network(yes this is its own dimension) that most likly colided later then the other two based on the development of the world that was there day 1. It would also explain how there are Over 100 randomly scattered fairy souls one must collect and bring to the fairy ;that is a rather interesting crature herself, trying to retreave the scattered souls of a race that can most likly not survive the different conditions they face in this new world based on them all being dead. This could be do to the low consentration of mana in the world since fairys are usualy magic based beeings or perhaps out of other reasons intierly. perhaps though this world is a different demensional space intirely seeing that the islands one see were clearly connected to solid ground at some point since there are no bridges but rather launch pads to get around where one would probably quite litteraly shit themselfes if they were thrown multiple hunderet blocks in the hope that you would arrive at the other side or the vulcano at the mines that has no way to be one without magma being pushed up from below which also explains why it is no longer active and the vulcano at jerrys workshop maybe being feed by a different sorce seeing that every time it does erupt there are monsters shooting out.

    Chapter 7: The Wizzard
    The wizzard seems to be the only one with extended knowlage about advanced magic seeing that he is the only one that owned enderchests (an interdimensional storrage) and a portal that he apperently doesnt want to talk about also seeing that has nat been working since... perhaps the collision. where did that portal go too though, why does it not work and why wont he talk about it instead of evading every interactions telling you to come back in 2-3 work days that have been going on since the start. It almost seems like he is trying to hide something and needs more time to work out a mistake. I think that the wizzard has been involved in otherdimensional resorce tapping that was at first used for simple things like the infinit generation of crops with infused orbs.

    Chapter 8: Overcome by greed
    My conclusion after looking over all the information i was able to duduct out of the given world is that it was most likly so, it all started with a resurcher that was resurching strange powers, he managed to somehow infuse orbs with strange powers that could produce endless crops sulving the poverty of his nation. As the king heard of this he rewarded this resurcher the title wizzard and employed him himself, giving him his own quiete space in a tower near the mountain. The king was obsesed with this power and contracted the wizzard with coming up with a way to tap in to infinit riches which the wizzard at first refused but was presured in too having probably his like at stake here. He first took a safe aproach and started with a portal that would bring you to a certain location which is likly the portal at spawn. It most likly pulls magic power from around it explaining why the mobs havent overrun the village yet seeing that the magic density in the area is to low for them to exist around there causing every mob coming too close to be vancuished do to there high magic density compleatly being drained. After this he went a step further and started taping in too diferent dimensions inventing the enderchest being able to store items in an unreachable void that is specific to every creature itself. Lastly he attempted making a portal to a different dimension itself with the portal he does not want to talk about. The attempt to bend space this far for whole humans to enter a different dimension entirely failed, causing a spacial rift in that demension causing calamity for three demensions, pulling them all in to an uncertain rift causing them all to enter a demension overlaping and continiously expanding and shifting as one can see that for example the forests where over time all condensed in too one single island with not only wierd beings with weird challanged from different backgrounds entering it but also a big hollow space of spirits to be contained in the mittle. After the expirement went wrong the wizzard was contracted with creating a safehaven for the Royals which was acomplished with the big gate in the plains that was later sealed offleaving the simple people to fight for themselves.

    That was my theorie i hope you liked it!
    I had alot of fun thinking this over and had way too many ideas to list them all, also some unexplained misterys that i am still thinking about,

    -Whats up with the nether fortress ?
    -Who is jerry and why does he have a workshop ?
    -Why are most of the creatures mean spirited ?
    -Did the Friendly creatures like the fairys struggle with the monsters aswell?
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    I’m sorry but I cringed at the amount of things you spelt wrong
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  3. well sorry, but english is not my native language, i still hope you liked it though.
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