1. Yes. I would like to see this added

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  1. Hey, I know I could've added this idea to my large suggestion thread but this suggestion deserves a thread.

    Now, The reason why I'm making this idea is to help making updates more easier and so is adding zombie maps

    Idea: The reason why zombies didn't get a lobby or doesn't get that many updates is because of how hard it is to do updates for it. Why not make some certain maps easy, some hard and some RIP?

    Before: Having three different difficulties per map

    After: Having one different difficulty

    Now it may still sound confusing, So I'll explain it more carefully, Example Let say Deadend is tagged as "Deadend - NORMAL" because the zombies are normal, Let say bad blood is tagged as "Bad blood - HARD", Let say a new map has been added called "Police station" it can be tagged as "Police station - RIP", Now whatever the difficulty is for that map, there will also be a endless mode as the same difficulty for that map

    Now if we have 8 maps and we have it the old way (Three different difficulties for map and endless normal etc), we would have 48 modes, but if we do it this way, we will have 16 modes. A major difference

    This idea is to have less modes, less work for zombie updates, more maps and making the veterans happy to have some challenging maps

    What do you guys think?
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  2. @Mason Hey sorry for multiple tags, This is the thread I mainly wanted you to see. Do you think this can work for zombies?
  3. Definitely could. Would be great for saving server space and giving new players a better chance of winning by making sure they join the easiest map when they first start playing.
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  4. It's a creative idea, but difficult maps may have way fewer players, which could make them wasted. Look at how few players BB has compared with DE.
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  5. Thanks!
    Never thought of that before, but I think it would have a lot of players depending on it's player count since new players sometimes want to challenge theirselves.

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