1. Introduction
    Hi, I'm gonna pretty much end myself (trying to not get this thread delete) by posting all the way 10,000. This is a pretty pointless thread, but if you want to put the hype sure I don't care. I did some small research about around reaching 10,000 in one sitting it will take around 3 hours. I will die of boredom since hypixel forums is not always fun so yeah. (btw don't ask why are you reaching 10,000 messages if it's useless because I don't care).
    here are the rules if want to take this challenge of yourself
    • Sit in the forums in one sitting (unless your parents ask to take a break)
    • Post Post Post Post Post Post until you reach 10,000
    • Use your main account. Don't use an alt. Plus you get that headstart depending how long and active you are.
    • Your NOT allowed to play minecraft or other games until you finish (Unless you quit)
    • Your NOT allowed to go on different programs, website and etc (like paint.net, a different forum or reddit).
    • Your only allow to watch youtube in the youtube showcase. (Which means you will never watch your favorite non or related minecraft youtuber)
    • Posting threads is allowed but do too much
    • Your allowed to post messages on your threads and putting alot of posting

    Why do we need to know
    Because I want you to be prepare for the spam of useless posts and threads
    Anything else
    do not try this at home.
    and wish good luck.
    I'll start pdt (pst) 12:00
    Edit: share this thread and spread awareness about the challenge by linking the thread and putting it on your signature
  2. sykese

    sykese Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    You'll probably get a lot of it removed for post spamming, so think about what you're gonna post before you try this.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. edit: share this thread and spread awareness about the challenge by linking the thread and putting it on your signature
  5. So I can't watch the videos in my signature? Hecc this I'm out
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  6. get owned.
  7. Iuck

    Iuck Active Member

    Whoever does this you're a psychopath zzz..
  8. This will spam out the forums and be really annoying, don’t
  9. You are kinda right. I will be annoying. I will not post every single thread. I would use quotes on someone. I'm kinda okay by harming my reputation.
  10. I will only kill someone for taking my maple syrup.
  11. You’ll be forum banned
  12. I'll risk it.
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  13. Why are you such a loser
  14. Here's the truth and i'm not exaggerating. I thought no one really care about me and no likes or even love me. Thanks for calling me a loser.
  15. People won’t care about you if you do this lol
  16. Where else would i try this then. Also i dont even play or like minecraft anymore so a couple of ur rules wouldnt apply to me

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