1. imagine getting diamond division in 30 minutes?
    previous season*

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  2. I don't believe that at all lol
    I don't know what diamond is these days, but it used to be 2150 and getting that much rating in 30 minutes is literally impossible.
  3. i mean you dont have to lol
    i started at 750 at got 2.5k
  4. I have only lost 4 games lol
    and 2 of them i had 2 kills
  5. So you didn't get diamond in 30 minutes if you started at 750?? And even still 750 to 2.5k is not possible in 30 minutes, I don't think the most blatant bhopper could do that.
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    you dont have to believe!
  7. also childish got 3k rating in 1 hour so idk what u are saying
  8. When did that happen? Show me where he said that
  9. you can't just say you got diamond division in 30 mts. You need proof, kid.
  10. proof of the time or proof i got diamond?
    edit: cuz i delete all my clips after making them
  11. last I checked, one day =/= one hour LOL

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  12. lol vid is gone
  13. i got terminated lol
  14. that is really sad, hope you get your channel back
  15. its permanent and they are not accepting appeals
  16. god didn't know youtube was that shit
  17. yeah :/
    and it was for pornography too lmao
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