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  1. CivetKitty

    CivetKitty Active Member

    Before we begin, this is not a rant on the inflation and the lack of money sinks. This is about the flawed mob loot system that are allowing higher tier people supplying gear to the lower tier people, allowing them to skip progressions and access places they aren't strong enough to be in.

    This is especially the case for ender armor: the main purpose for people to stay in the outer end. The intended way to get this armor set is to kill regular endermen outside the gate. However, zealots with ender chests can also drop ender armor, which destroys the purpose of the entire outer and and the price of the gear itself. I remember when the end was first introduced, I painstakingly grinded out 3 ender pieces in the outer end area and bought the last piece for 150k. Then I realized the prices has changes to 30~50k, and now, it's as cheap as lapis.


    Seriously? Is this how the game should work? An armor piece that can only drop from a mob that is minimum 4500 hp and spawns in a minimum combat 12 area, is cheap enough for a naked noob to buy them within a couple hours. Is it how it's supposed to be? Am I just a stubborn guy babbling about ye old days?

    Ender armor has an important role in the game: bridging the gap between mid and end game. Its stat boost allows these players to even compete with top level endermen. It allows them to access the dragon's gate without getting slaughered. So at least in my opinion, this is not the way to go. Ender armor diserves more than 1 or 2k, and the oversupply of these armor pieces from the endgame players are ruining the economy and devalueing this important gear.

    So how do we fix it? Well, the very first change I would do is to remove ender armor from the ender chest zealot's loot table. These mobs that can't even drop summoning eyes are the main culprit from making the ender armor price plummet. Making this gear only obtainable in the outer end will give this neglected area a use, which is currently just a place to get endstone, obsidian, useless pots, xp bottles, and telekinesis books. I know there's a method discovered by ThirtyVirus that uses unpleasant wise + aote to farm combat xp in the outer end, but this is not the intended use of the area.

    However, this only applies to ender armor, and there are more lackluster items that drop from the wrong area. The endstone bow, for example, has the same fate as ender armor, overshadowed by both hurricane and runaans. If it was better than runnan, it could've given watchers a use rather than being annoying pests. Another current pest is of course, the obsidian defender, which apart from giving players a few extra obsidian, does nothing but annoy the heck out of zealot grinders. The obsidian chestplate, despite it being better than perfect armor tier 5, is still overshadowed by ender armor, plummeting its price even faster. If it was decent enough to be used in the dragon's nest, it would've had the price that matches the level of grinding players took to get one. Changing the focus out of the end, the flaming sword, which drops from zombie pigman, is also overshadowed by many early game swords. Dispite pigmen this insane movement and attack speed just like in vanilla, everyone ignores them altogether because of the poor drops. At least they should drop gold ingots instead of nuggets, considering that we are always dealing with stacks of items. There may be other items dropping from the wrong area, but all I can think of are these items and I hope you get my point.

    Another viable solution for the deflation on certain item prices is to place a hard limit on the minimum starting bid on the auction house. Playsers will simply be unable to get items insanely cheap such as ender armor for 1k. The current default starting bid on ender armor is just that, and it shouldn't be the case.


    Here's another example of the unreasonalby low starting bid. The starting bid for dragon frags is fixed to 500 for some odd reason no matter how many frags are sold at once. This, not only can devalue the item in the future, but can also help players pay less on auction fees. An increased minimum starting bid that you can't make it lower will not only keep the price match its value, but also will work as a weak money sink. People will be forced to pay more on auction fees because of this.

    1. Ender armor price is too low.
    2. Zealot grinders are supplying ender armor to the noobs.
    3. solution: Remove ender armor from chest zealot loot table
    4. solution: Buff lackluster items
    5. solution: Add a fixed minimum starting bid that you can't set it below this number
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  2. Once the next update will be out, with new armor pieces and new stuff to grind, this will all be normal again since the high tier people won't be grinding for Summoning eyes especially, getting the ender armor pieces and selling em.
    The reason why ender armor is sold for so low is because no one is bothered buying a 100k leggings piece if they could just grind for money and buy better armor. It's not a huge upgrade from hardened diamond or golem armor.
  3. Just click the gold I got and type 10 coins and bam u have 10 coins starting bid
  4. what is ender armor that cheap? I thought it was much more expensive
    I think I should be leaving my golem armor already...
  5. forget abut this its risen to 50k each lol
  6. CivetKitty

    CivetKitty Active Member

    Well, The next update doesn't solve the potential for other lackluster items to drop. More items will join the level of obby plates and endstone bows, and there's no guarantee that a new item will take over the current status of ender armor.

    Yeah, that's what I want to fix. Some items will still reach millions now matter how low you set your starting bid. This prevents the auction fee system from being a good money sink method.
    Yeah, the dragon guys are doing the job for you. No need to stay in the outer end, no need to grind for armor pieces requiring hundreds of materials, no need to kill magma bosses or zombies in the mines like a peasant.
    Proof? Cause? I think you've seen too many bidding wars. Unless there's an update, there'll be no significant changes to the economy.

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