1. Hi when I play murder mystery why do I have a girls head on which i cant take off? Is this a glitch because I have asked support on this and I havent received any response, can anyone tell me why i cant take the head off my skin? And if you are confused, i mean a head as in one for example if you kill a trader villager it gives you a head, but in this case i have some random persons head on me which is quite annoying since i cant take it off.
  2. You might have an animated hat on. Go to the lobby and use the emerald in your hotbar to disable it.

    Emerald > Cosmetics > Animated Hats > Disabled
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  3. No like the head is from another player but I don’t know why I had it on
  4. The other player is the animated hat.
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  5. Oh ok thanks.
  6. Thanks it’s worked, I’ve selected none for animated hats, thank you.
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  7. That's the same thing I told you tho
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  8. Thanks guys

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