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  1. Revamp Thread.

    Hey Guys Welcome to my HUGE revamp idea thread for bsg! :) This thread will be covering a lot of ideas/features! = HUGE REVAMP (Quick note that This is my first time of making a revamp thread so it might look not as good as you thought) Enjoy!
    Hey guys,
    So it's been a while since I first introduced my Blitz SG Revamp idea, so I thought I would update it with all the awesome feedback you guys gave me. If you have any suggestions at all I welcome you to share them with me and Lets Make Blitz Great Again!

    What blitz needs:
    - Modes
    - Features
    - kits
    - Tournaments
    - Achievements
    - Maps
    • ~ New Features/items ~
    • ~ Item ~ Time Clock | Item: Clock | What does it do: When you right/left click the time clock it will turned night time Very rare.
    • ~ Item ~ Wizard Wand | Item: Stick | What does it do: It will have fire aspect 1 and it only has 3 uses.
    • ~ Item ~ Lord's Helmet | Item: Gold helmet | What does it do: It will be a gold helmet with prot 3 and other kinds of enchantments! This item will be very rare!
    • ~ Item ~ Easter Egg | Item: Egg | What does it do: It will be a normal egg but when you throw it at the ground it will be a random mob or animal the mob wont hurt you it will be your pet! the item will be rare!
    • ~ Item ~ Lost potion | Item: Potion | What does it do: It will be a random potion buff or potion debuff it wont says what the potion is but when you drink it can be a buff or debuff... Choose wisely the potion will be common.
    • ~ Item ~ Toxic helmet | Item: Iron helmet | What does it do: It's a iron helmet that has full use or a few uses but what it does is if someone throws a toxic pot on me it won't work because the helmet is protecting me from the toxic so let say it has 3 uses and people throw 3 toxic pots on me it will break! It will be very rare!
    • ~ Feature ~ Upgradeable Taunt | What will The Upgradeable Taunt Do: There will be 3 Levels of taunt Taunt 1, Taunt 2, Taunt 3, when you get taunt 2 you will have 2 taunts to use ig, same goes with taunt 3, but the 2nd taunt you will get less coins from the 2nd taunt same goes with 3rd taunt! but it will cost each upgrade.
    • ~ Feature ~ Upgradeable Blitz | What will the Upgradeable Blitz Do: The max blitz lvl is X some upgrades are more secs or damage. (Credits to @Luca-)
    • ~ Feature ~ Custom Taunts | What will the Custom Taunts do:
      Have you gotten bored of the same old taunts we have had for a while now? Well look no further I am here to solve that for you! Its a simple idea that I thought of earlier today and its that once you get your kit to lvl X you unlock a special taunt that is based around the kit. Too keep it for the kit only you can only use the taunt when you are using the kit, similar to mega walls skill effects you can activate them all at once (once you have the kit) and if you are using the kit the taunt happens during it but if you are not you get the normal taunts


      Creepertamer- Some explosions
      Horsetamer- Saddles everywhere
      Archer- Arrows shoot upwards all around you
      Fisherman- All types of fish shoot out
      MeatMaster- Porkchops and beef shoot out
      Baker- Apples, cakes, and bread come out
      Blaze- Blaze powder goes all around you
      Snowman- You fire snowballs everywhere
      Toxicologist- Splash potion effects go around you
      (Credits to @Oblivion239 for his idea) (the link of the thread https://hypixel.net/threads/special-taunts.880595/)
    More mode ideas coming soon, if you think your feature/item idea is good then give me the link but if you don't have a thread of that just tell me what does it do and what item it is and what the item is called!
    Those items and features look fun! some may look op but the councils members can balance those items/features! blitz isn't rlly fun anymore and we need fun items/features and things to grind! If you vote no because if one of those item/feature ideas is unbalance please the poll isn't for balancing it for if you want those ideas/revamp to be added

    • ~ New mode ~
    • Firstly, I do not claim any credits for this idea but I was just scrolling down some comments and saw @J_ASSASSIN idea.

      To begin, I know blitz doesn't have a decent player pool. But my idea is to replace NKM (no kits mode) with this, Ultra Mode. No kits mode is so unfair at the moment as experienced players sometimes abuse it for the easy coins.

      The whole concept of this mode is similar to SkyWars' Insane Mode. This will be a mode where you can get better loot except to a certain degree. Loot in chests will be in some way similar to the normal game of blitz. Swords, bows, etc could possibly have a little twist in it such as @StevenR8's idea with weapon/armor chests.

      My other idea was to also add in some enchanted armor in chests. Not all the most valuable ones such as Protection but other enchantments such as Jump Boost, Feather Falling, Unbreaking, etc.

      Also, in this mode, there will be no kits.

      Why this should be added:
      I feel this has GOT to be added because like I mentioned earlier, NKM is actually a joke. This will balance blitz out a bit and actually give new players a chance. Just like SkyWars, in their modes they don't need any OP kits to win a game. Why can't we bring this to blitz and attract some more players?

      Let me know what you think! Give me any feedback you can think of. (heres the link of the thread https://hypixel.net/threads/new-mode-ultra-mode.887865/) (Credits to @MrEggfish for the idea)
    • =====================
      Insane Mode
      Welcome guys to my idea!
      Q: What will insane mode be about?
      A: It will be like skywars insane mode Op items in chests etc and insane options there will be 6 Insane options to vote!
      [Insane options ideas]
      1. Insane Health Option = 40 hp aka 20 hearts
      2. MultBlitz Option = 2 blitz's in a single game
      3. Chest Buff Option = 30% better loot in chests
      4. Map Insane Option = insane maps (Ex let say im playing a map called cealum v2 and if a lot of ppl voted Map Insane Option Cealum v2 will become a Insane Caelum v2 more insane places and insane spawns (this might be impossible to dev)

      [Insane Mode]
      All kits are Normal like always and hp! but more insane chest items!
      and When you find the blitz star in chat it will say "Name Found the blitz Star!" and a dragon noise pop up when you find the blitz star as well, Maybe New maps for insane mode? or my 4th insane option idea But anyway this mode might be more popular then other modes Why? Look at insane skywars mode it's more popular the normal mode so why not add this?

      [Pros And Cons]
      1. New players will have a better chance to beat 10's
      2. It will be more fun and enjoyable
      3. We need a new mode
      1. Old players might get a better advantage
      2. New players might get a disadvantage
      3. This mode might not become popular

      Okay im adding more info Soon! more details and info coming soon! (the link of the thread https://hypixel.net/threads/poll-insane-mode-wip.876721/) (Thanks to @StevenR8)
    More mode ideas coming soon, if you think your mode idea is good then give me the link

    Blitz is becoming boring we need a mode that is fun and balance for new players like insane mode or ultra mode If you vote no because if one of those mode ideas is unbalance please the poll isn't for balancing it for if you want those ideas/revamp to be added

    • ~ Stat Rewards ~
    • How about we add stat rewards? something not to overpowered or underpowered = BALANCE!

      ~ 1k = 7.000 coins
      ~ 5k = 15.000 coins and 1.000 God game coins (I will explain later what god game coins do)
      ~ 10k = 30.000 coins and 1.000 god game coins
      ~ 20k = 45.000 coins and 1.500 god game coins
      ~ 30k = 60.000 coins and 1.200 god game coins
      ~ 40k = 90.000 coins and 2.500 god game coins
      ~ 50k = 105.000 coins and 2.500 god game coins And Expert name (Ex [MVP+] [Expert] StevenR8)
      ~ 60k = 120.000 coins and 3.000 god game coins
      ~ 75k = 165.000 coins and 5.000 god game coins
      ~ 80k = 210.000 coins and 5.500 god game coins
      ~ 90k = 240.000 coins and 7.000 god game coins
      ~ 100k = 375.000 coins and 10.000 god game coins And Legend name (Ex [MVP+] [Legend] StevenR8)
      Q: what will god game coins do? A: Simple you can create a god game it cost 50k god game coins and the cooldown is 48 hours and you get 1k-5k god games coins per 1-10 games!

      Tell me if I should change the bsg coin reward amount and god game coins!

      @mikkot224 Thoughts? @Luca- I KNOW YOU LOVE REWARDS (I think ;-; ) (the link of the thread https://hypixel.net/threads/poll-stat-rewards.881198/) (Thanks to @StevenR8 )

    • ~ New Auras ~
    • ~ Aura ~ Fire smoke aura, fire smoke around your body | Rank: vip+ and up
    • More coming soon!

    • ~ New taunts ~
    • ~ Taunt ~ Breadro Taunt | What does it do: it will shoot breadros, just like the cookie taunt!
    • More coming soon!
    • ~ Victory Dances ~
    • ~ Victory Dance ~ Iron golem body guard | What does it do: there will be 5-6 iron golems around you! (Credit to @Yogic )
    • More coming coon!
    • ~ New kits selection ~
    • 2016-10-20_13.34.11.png

      2016-10-20_13.34.49.png Okay Some of you may think "Oh let me guess more broken kits that will make blitz die faster" No its not it for people that love to grind, let say i have no 10's and i click the diamond it wont let me i need at least 10 10's kits to be able to enter the new kits called "Magical kits" the kits will cost 2x the coins per upgrade and some kits are fun kits and some are like normal kits (NOTE: this wont be more op then the other kits it will just have diff items from other kits! the kits will be balance) the kits will be balance but those kits are for grinders that want to achive something so they wont be bored! @Luca- you want fun items so.. enjoy xd
    • ~ Blitz Champions mode rank ~
    • blitz champions is going to be like Rank skywars 4 Players Each game there will be 5 kits for now Archer, Knight, Spele, Hunter, Fisherman each kits will have 5 lvls each
    • Fisherman Kit
    • Free Fisherman Level 1, Sharp 4 fishing rod with unbreaking 10, Chain helmet
    • 25k Fisherman Level 2, Sharp 4 fishing rod with unbreaking 10, Chain helmet with prot 1
    • 100k Fisherman Level 3, Sharp 4 fishing rod with unbreaking 10, Chain helmet with prot 1 and Chain boots
    • 250k Fisherman level 4, Sharp 5 fishing rod with unbreaking 10, Chain helmet with prot 1 and Chain boots
    • 500k Fisherman Level 5, Sharp 5 fishing rod with unbreaking 10, Chain helmet with prot 1 and chain boots and chain chest
    • Knight Kit
    • Free Knight Level 1, Gold Sword and Gold helmet and Gold boots
    • 25k Knight Level 2, Stone sword and Gold helmet and Gold boots
    • 100k Knight Level 3, Stone sword and Gold helmet with prot 1 and Iron boots
    • 250k Knight Level 4, Iron sword and Gold helmet with prot 1 and Gold pants and Iron boots
    • 500k knight Level 5, Diamond Sword and Gold helmet with prot 1 and Dyed yellow Leather Chest and Gold pants and Iron boots
    • Archer Kit
    • Free Archer level 1, Bow with 12 arrows and Dyed lime leather boots
    • 25k Archer Level 2, Bow with 16 arrows and Dyed lime leather boots and Dyed lime leather pants
    • 100k Archer Level 3, Power 1 bow with 21 arrows and Dyed lime leather boots and Dyed lime leather pants
    • 250k Archer Level 4, Power 1 bow with 26 arrows and Dyed lime leather boots and Dyed lime leather pants and Dyed Lime leather helmet
    • 500k Archer Level 5, Power 2 bow with 26 arrows and Dyed lime leather boots and Dyed lime leather pants and Dyed lime leather chest and Dyed lime leather helmet
    • Hunter Kit
    • Free Hunter level 1, Bow with 5 arrows and wood axe
    • 25k Hunter Level 2, Bow with 9 arrows and wood sword and Dyed light blue leather boots
    • 100k Hunter Level 3, Bow with 14 arrows and wood sword and iron boots and Dyed light blue leather helmet
    • 250k Hunter Level 4, Bow with 19 arrows and Stone sword and iron boots with prot 1 and Dyed light blue leather helmet and Dyed light blue leather chest
    • 500k Hunter Level 5, Power 1 Bow with 23 arrows and Stone sword and iron boots with prot 1 and dyed light blue leather helmet and Dyed light blue leather chest With prot 2
    • Speleologist Kit
    • Free Speleologist Level 1, Stone pick and mushroom stew
    • 25k Speleologist Level 2, Iron pick and 2 Mushroom stew and Iron boots
    • 100k Speleologist Level 3, Iron pick and 2 Mushroom stew and Iron boots and Iron helmet
    • 250k Speleologist Level 4, Iron pick and 2 Mushroom stew and Iron boots and Iron helmet and leather chest
    • 500k Speleolgist Level 5, Diamond pick and 2 mushroom stew and Iron boots and Iron helmet and leather chest and leather pants
    Okay Sorry if some are very underpowered or some are very Overpowered im not good at balancing so please do not vote no for that! the player councils can balance it Here is a image of the rank rewards
    When you click the gold it will take you to this menu
    The Coal say Season 1 And When you get 100+ Rating you will get the gold ingot reward a very very small reward but you still can get the reward you were at like you were at diamond you can get gold ingot and diamond There will be 5 Levels like 5 ranks, Wood, Stone, Iron, Emerald, Diamond, its going to be like rank skywars like i said, there will be rewards etc

    • ~ Godgames Tournaments ~
    • What is godgames tournaments? well when you look at my stat rewards you get godgames coins you can also get them while doing well in games and you can get godgame coins in quests but anyway you will need 50,000 Godgame coins to start a godgame you have a one week cool down, If you win the godgame you will earn 5,000 godgame coins and a awesome reward (it wont be overpowered or up) a lot of you may ask "How will you start the god game" Well here is the image
      You need to click the wither skull aka Godgame Tournaments it will take you to This Menu
      When you have 50,000 godgames coins you click the redstone and it will Say "Thank you for buying a godgame!" it will be a random map every single bsg lobby it will say "Name Bought a godgame! Go to Mode to join!" and when you win the godgame there will be a enchanted book the godgame reward when hovering your mouse on the book it will say "Click here to get your godgame reward!" but if you didnt win it will just be a normal book when hovering your mouse on the book it will say "Win a godgame for a reward!" Like i said the reward wont be overpowered or up!

    • ~ tutorial for beginners ~
    • We need a tutorial for new players/beginners Why do we need a tutorial? Skywars is very simple to play Loot chests and try to win but blitz people don't know how to play because it look complex for them like blitz's aura's so much more that it make them think it useless but anyway we need a tutorial for beginners if you do the tutorial you get 2,500 coins as a good luck tutorial! The tutorial will be next to the play signs it says "If your a beginner then click me! you will get a useful tutorial and 2,500 coins as a good luck!" it like the hypixel npc tutorial in the main lobby but this time is for bsg some of you may say "why 2,500 coins? the coin gain is already broken enough" That is true but new players don't even have a chance to win or kill because of all the spawn killers so the 2,500 can help them get a level 4 in no time oh and if your a old player you can still click the npc and you still get the 2,500 coins

    • ~ Achievements ~
    • Points: 5 Name: Time Changer?!? Desc: Use the time clock
    • Points: 5 Name: I'm Harry potter! Desc: Use the wizard wand
    • Points: 10 Name: Call me... the blitz lord.. Desc: Win a godgame
    • Points: 5 Name: Did I win blitz?!? Desc: Get a level X
    • Points: 5 Name: I feel evil.... Desc: Wear the lord helmet
    • More coming soon!

    • ~ Pre game lobby change ~
    • A lot of us get bored while waiting for a game to start but some of us just go to youtube and watch videos while they wait but some don't waiting for a long time for a game to start is quite boring so Why not add some parkour and a disco? and maybe a party room? it will be so much fun while trying to parkour or have a little party or dance in the DISCO!! I'm not adding a screenshot of what it should look like because I'm not a parkour builder and I'm not good at building

    • ~ Lobby Change ~
    • The Current Lobby is Almost TWO years old! I'm not saying I hate the current lobby but I feel it should get a new lobby same with the other games but this is about bsg so why not add a new lobby? As I said above I'm not a great builder So I wont be giving any build lobbies ideas OR add the old lobby back the early 2014 bsg lobby

    • ~ Old fun items ~
    • We all know the old items Breadro (which was brought back this update), big boy pants, and a few others and hypixel head in chest and other admin heads a lot of those items gives back old memories! we need to add those items back they were so fun!

    • ~ Chest Tracker ~
    • When new players arrive to blitz, They don't know any of the maps at all, Causing them to lose a lot Because they don't know where the chests are, How about we add a Chest tracker?
      2016-12-21_20.15.32.png When you right/left click your enemy tracker, It will turn into a chest tracker, the boss hotbar will be showing where the chests are and the compass will be pointing at the closest chest
      2016-12-21_20.15.47.png Or You will get 2 compasses, One is a chest tracker and the other one is the enemy tracker
      This will help a lot of new players, I know this does give away the feeling of "Survival games" but it does help new players unless if we do a map tutorial.

    • ~ /Nick Fix ~
    • Nick isn't really working that well, This is a change to /nick on the whole network not just blitz, I didn't wanted to post this in the server discussion or ideas and feedback because I just wanted to point this out here, My idea is when you do /nick It will sent you to a place, there will be 100+ skins, Cookie monster, etc Under those skins there will be a sign "Click here to activate the skin" after you click the sign, It will say "Think of a name for your nickname, Say anything in the chat and it will choose it" After you done all of those, It will sent you to the lobby with the skin you chosen and your nick choice

    • ~ Kit Experience ~
    • All the kits has a "Kit" Experience, By earning the kit Experience, You get it from killing people and winning games (example, If I'm using baker and killed 4 people and won with the kit I would get 85 Kit Experience (only for baker) ) By kiting your kit Experience level There will be a new Item in the kit Menu
      Coming soon, Still working on the screenshot
      If you hover over it, It will say your kit Experience level, At the moment I don't know what it would be used for, Please give me a idea what it should be use for!

    • ~ Play style for each kit feature ~
    • Mega walls gotten a huge update recently, There is this one feature that can works for blitz as well, If you go to the mega walls lobby, Click the shop, And hover your mouse on a kit, It will say "Play style" This will be very useful for new players, Because they want a kit that fits them but they don't know which one, There are so many kits to choose from Here is a Example (Example, If I hover my mouse over on baker it will say "Play style, Healing, Tank" Again if you don't know what I'm talking about, Go to a mega walls lobby, Click the emerald Aka shop, Click the kits shop, Put your mouse on a kit, Then you'll see what I mean.

    Coming soon,
    Please tell me the bugs that Blitz has atm and tell me what does it do Example
    "- Horse deathmatch bug, While riding a horse to deathmatch you either die or get really low hp" (not sure if that bug is fix)

    More items.
    More features.
    More mode ideas.
    More general ideas.
    Bug fixes.
    General Fixes.
    And more.

    NOTE: When I update this thread, I will add a [UPDATED] Tag, I will remove it 1 week later! So you wont need to be clicking on this thread each day to see what's get added.

    Please explain why you voted no I can remove the thing that you don't like but you need to get 5 agrees so I can remove it


    If you voted no becuase you didnt like one/some of my ideas then tell me in the comments what you didnt like and if you get 5+ agrees i will remove it! but make sure to vote yes or some of them after i do that ;)

    More Coming Soon!!! :)

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  2. Very interesting ideas :0 I'll read in detail later for sure
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  3. Tbh it was really fun to make a big thread!
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  4. But Thanks ;) after when im done with my homework which will take a hour I will be doing more edits! :)
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  5. Seems to be interesting but its going to be like Skyclash and I think a lot of people would quit because of that since it has nothing to do with the "old" casual bsg.
    About the new modes,
    First of all new modes arent a bad thing dont get me wrong but I think if we add these modes people would tend to quit the game even faster since alot of people would hack in there and ruin plenty of games.
    Now to the stat rewards,
    I dont think this would be a good idea at all.The economy is already broken enough,I mean I had my first X with 21k kills and now I see people with less than 5k kills getting their first X.Adding stat rewards would break it even more imo.

    But ye Overall nice thread I see you put a lot of work into it but I think these changes wouldnt make bsg new player friendly and get a larger community from it.Also it could attract more hackers.
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  6. Well they can always make it balance like for the stat rewards and items and the modes but remember blitz isnt rlly fun anymore and we need items that can be quite fun look at aiden post his idea was to put some of the ideas from skyclash to bsg (i think) and everyone mostly agree
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  7. Interesting dude
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  8. Hey! check out the new edits! there will be something called "new kits something" make sure to check it out!
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  9. Interesting, but Idk.
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  10. Okay please stop leave your options please stop saying Interesting ALL THE TIME... like please dude tell me what do you think of this...
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  11. Tigers_Are_Pro

    Tigers_Are_Pro Well-Known Member

    I personally voted no because so many of these ideas have been used before in lots of other hypixel games and the last thing we need is that repetition in blitz (so mostly a majority of these)

    I don't disagree with a revamp, but it should stay sg like, it shouldn't be like "hey let's add all this useless new stuff to chests, call it a revamp and say it's good" it should be more like adding sg features or close to those that are popular in other sgs such as tiered chests and a ranking system, etc etc.
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  12. well its my first revamp so i might be bad at it i can remove some of the stuff if you get at least 5 agrees (but will you vote yes if i remove some of it? xd)
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  13. New unique aspects to blitz? Yes please
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  14. #14
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  15. Update! check out the new mode!
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  16. galactus

    galactus Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the tag. I've actually looked at the thread and taken my opinions from my perspective.
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  17. Vulpixel

    Vulpixel Well-Known Member

    Too skyclash like...
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  18. galactus

    galactus Well-Known Member

    I feel as if this would increase the toxicity of the community, since believe it or not if you use this at the proper time you can make a huge difference with a fight. And a creeper? No no no no way to powerful during the beginning.
    This will completely ruin one of Blaze's primary weapons, so I'd rather not have this implemented.
    We cannot implement any more modes unless if we have a much more increased amount in players. Same goes for insane. This is to prevent the major division in community and fewer players would play their preferred mode.
    My predictions would be if this happened, than sure it may have something to grind. The problem is that "legend" kits could be a confusing term, but there is also broken kits. Add those 2 components and what you get? A possible fear of a greater kit unlike any other.
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  19. Meh xd i just wanted to make the thread long so... i ran out of ideas ;/
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  20. Thanks for your options! Should i remove the creeper? and i kinda like the wizard wand tho xD the fire was the only one that came to my mind .-. so idk how to change it and nkm is not working for new players.. so i feel that mode should be replace by a fun and balance mode like insane or ultra mode or any other mode idea that is balance and fun and not sure what you ment at the last part legend kits wont be overpowered it will be balance but it will have items that no other kit has (balance items) some kits are fun kits, some are kits that it has creative items, and some are just fun normal kits like knight
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