Should this item be added to hypixel skyblock

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. 1-Basic farms used for money.
    Hello, Today I have an idea for hypixel skyblock, So we all know that people have farms, Like sugar cane farm, Pumpkin farm, Potato farm, Etc thing is I'm not talking about these farms, I'm talking about mob farms these farms are incredibly helpful and needed to everyone that plays hypixel skyblock maybe for money or collection grinding, An example for money is the best way to make money right now is magma farm an extremely amazing way to get a lot of money and all you have to do is just get more minion slots and it is the most helpful money-making way in the whole hypixel skyblock community

    2- My idea to make lives easier.
    Ok now I'm gonna talk about what this helpful item is gonna be, We all know that in these farms we use chests and sometimes chests take a long time to make everything in them to enchanted material am i rite? So I came up with a good amazing idea which is a chest but not a normal chest, A chest that converts materials into enchanted items every 3 hours, And everyone is gonna be like 3 HOURS? What are you talking about, I'm talking about if the chest gets full and it turns materials into enchanted materials every time it gets full then it would be stupidly op, And everyone would get rich so easily so that's why I chose 3 hours I was gonna take 2 but I saw 3 as a fair choosing, This chest would be added to Oak Wood Collection, And to make it you need about 8 stacks of enchanted oak wood, Of course this item is very helpful we have to make it hard to get, I don't know if people see this as a good idea or not but I'm sure some people will like it because mob farms will be used a lot in the hypixel skyblock community, This is all I have to say thank you very much for reading this and I'll see you later on my next suggestions to this beautiful hypixel community.

    1st EDIT:I'm sorry I'm bad at doing paragraphs, Please forgive me.
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  2. If afk mob farms were never intended why would they add an item to make it even easier
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  3. If it was never intended they would've made a rule about it when hypixel skyblock was released.
  4. There's a difference between something not being intended and something being bannable. Afking of course isn't bannable and they aren't going to stop people from using these farms but at the same time it puts more pressure on the server load and as a matter of fact is breaking the economy right now. Instead of putting rules on these things they are better off nerfing it (especially magma farms) so that they are much much less reliable.
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  5. You said magma farm will be nerfed so that means you know this farm won't be as economy breaking as before I'm pretty sure magma farm is gonna be heavily nerfed so I'm adding this idea to make it balanced out and I added 3 hours so it isn't TOO op it's normally good, And why are you only talking about it making money instead of it helping to make items instead, it has a lot of benefits, breaking economy or not hypixel skyblock players will find a way to make crazy cash money no matter what, because this community is amazingly smart so magma farms are just the start this farm is the best mob farm out there but there are better farms that we haven't discovered yet and this chest is already pretty hard to make so it won't be as op as you think it is.
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  6. can you use paragraphs please this hurts my eyes
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  7. i sorry
  9. Wyrm

    Wyrm Member

    Since it is just making things easier to clean up and carry, I think this would be a nice QoL change, however I would first like to see a super compactor I can use on myself. So tired of stopping zealot slaughter every couple minutes to craft epearls
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  10. Grunpu

    Grunpu New Member

    This is the same thing as a super compactor, but the super compactor allows you to play while you're online or go offline and make the same ammount of money
  11. No dude, Using chests are 10 times better than using a super compactor.
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  12. too many words
  13. this is just a blob of text. i struggle to read this
  14. just gonna vote yes cause im too lazy to read all of that
  15. uhhh
  16. If that was implemented I'll just add a little extension that routes the materials into that chest and it'll fill with ench magma cream really quickly
  17. Jovihi

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    Dawned DAWNED
  18. I have no sympathy for anyone who uses a magma farm.
  19. that means 50% of the hypixel skyblock community, And why?
  20. Because the economy is effectively ruined because of them.

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