1. Welp,i got super bored and seeing as how i haven't made a thread in a while,since i said and promised my last thread would be on the 5th of February (which will probably be rescheduled for the 7th or 8th),i decided,wehh why not,there should be some light sheded on the dark age of the forums.So being almost a 5 year veteran here is a guide on the forums and how you should cope with them.

    -No one cares about your messages or posts.People who do are usually losers,newbies and lack some sort of self-esteem.In reality posts are useless,they don't define who you are or what you are,they don't shouldn't make anything you say seem more valid,smart or useful.And all the newbies shouldn't hold people with high messages/posts on high regard,chances are they are just idiots with a lot of spare time and dedication to this dumpster fire of a place (like me).And finally if you like high posts counts,farming or anything of that sorts,power to you,but don't you dare brag about it or think you are good or cool because of it,makes you look like a prick no matter how you look at it.

    -Same thing about messages/posts,no one cares about them and they are irrelevant.Do in this case more people get bothered by ratings than messages.Let's get down to the tippy point of it,if you have a lot of likes,it doesn't mean you are likable,if you have a lot of funnies doesn't mean you are funny,if someone disagrees or dislikes your posts,you should not care nor be offended by it because it's fricking pixels and finally if you make certain threads in hope of getting certain ratings you should go to a therapist and reevaluate your life,thank you.

    3.Making Threads
    -If you are making threads i only have some few tips to give.Make it coherent,understandable and filled with a lot of effort and passion,or don't because it might end up being a waste of time because of all the spammy useless threads pushing it into page 2 and making it irrelevant.If you are gonna shitpost or troll,at least make it funny or fun.That is all.

    4.Arguing/Talking to People
    -No one cares about your opinion,your opinion is not better or more valid than someone else and raging or insulting people over a lego kids forum just makes you look like an idiot/loser.No one cares if you are upset about something,no one cares about your lego achievement,no one cares about what you do,who you are and so on.That is all.

    5.The Staff
    -They don't care about the community,so don't have high hopes for them.The forums is basically like crazy walls at this point.If you want actual help you are better of asking normal players who are wannabe helpers/mods,they lowkey help more than actual staff members,but in some cases they can be annoying,but what can we do.

    6.The Different Sections/Sub-Forums
    -Honestly almost all the sections are bad and trashy in their own way,but in the current state Server Discussion,Mega Walls,BSG,UHC,Duels,legit most pvp games and skyblock are the worst sections i have seen in my life.Also to all those people complaining about bugs,ban appeals,hackers,have feedback on watchdog or an idea.There are sections for those things you blind cactuses,you legit just need to scroll down and see ffs.So much space gets wasted in server discussion because of you and i hope you are aware of it.

    Anyways that concludes my guide to this wonderful dumpster fire of a forums,can't wait to make my final thread and quit this place for good.Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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  2. Wolf

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    So true though
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  3. lol square on mate.
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  4. Mewtwonite

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    Not serious?
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  5. why am i reading this then
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  6. Oh sweet! A forum guide that isn't written in mini-mod glyph!
    *sees "Not Serious" in title*
    Oh... Well, maybe I can get a good laugh then!
    *reads thread*
    I'm getting mixed messages now.

    I know that this wasn't meant to be taken too seriously, but there is an underlying truth to an extent.

    1. Messages/Posts/Ratings
    They're only worth as much as you perceive them to be. That being said, messages and ratings alone aren't what makes a contributive user. It's about the content of their posts and the context for their rating received. In short, it's not about what you've gained but what you've earned.

    2. Making Threads
    I believe that every thread should have a purpose to fulfill. Otherwise, it'll end up being a useless thread. Another way to tell the difference is that either a thread tries and fails or a thread does not try at all. We can learn from ours failure so be welcoming of it so that your next thread will be even better. All of the same can be said for making posts as well.

    3. Arguing/Talking to People
    You're free to act on your own accord, but that does not mean that you are free from consequence as well. That being said, don't be surprised when an unfavorable outcome results due to your actions. If you're genuinely confused on why people treat you in a certain way, then ask the person in the mirror for advice. Lastly, the universe does not revolve around you; so don't try to pretend that it does.

    4. The Staff
    Staff can be your best friends or your worst enemies depending on how you behave. Helpers and Moderators are not being paid to babysit, so they aren't obligated to answer every beck and call. Still, that does not mean you can get away with everything. Fighting against staff is always an unwinnable battle. Also, don't try to convince others that you'll become a martyr if staff decides to ban you. Lastly, remember that staff have their positions because people in Hypixel management gave their approvals; so think twice before placing the blame entirely on Helpers and Moderators.

    5. The Different Sections/Sub-Forums
    Look before you leap! English may be a confusing language but the forum sections consist of no more than three words for you to read, so it shouldn't be a slow and difficult process to translate/comprehend what each section is meant for. If you care so little about where you're posting, then expect the same amount from others in return. Fine, sometimes we make honest mistakes; but it shouldn't be a habit. Just in case, you can ask staff to move your thread for you.

    This is why I prefer creative stuff like this over using swears as an easy out.

    I mean, you're not wrong. Work can get pretty slow sometimes and I've already flushed away over three years on this site, so why stop now? :p

    This hurts me more than all of the negative aspects of the forums you described here. I'll get over it soon enough, but I genuinely will still miss you around these parts. You're making the right move to focus on higher education and other "fun" aspects of being an adult.

    Overall, a nice prelude to the grand finale that you have in store for us. I'll continue looking forwards to it!
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    When a none serious thread has more effort than an actual serious thread, you know there is something not functioning properly
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  8. Honestly. stop suck**g the staff team off
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  9. One more tip:

    Just don't get into forums. You'll regret
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  10. The whole thread could've just been this one line
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  11. Tat_

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  12. The fact that these are the responses (and are mostly from veterans/well known people) just shows to me how much down hill this place has gotten and just encourages me more to quit.
    i a was agreeing to everything up till know,but this part is the most agreeable thing that not a lot of people seem to understand lol
    this is what age and a fear of getting banned does to a person xp
    The reasons i stated? XD
    It's not that,it's mainly that the passion,love and flame i had for this place is 98% extinguished and that's mostly from me growing up and seeing how bad this place has gotten.
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    Green pixels : ^_^
    Red pixels: >:C
  14. bet /
  15. welp gl on better things

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