1. I'm not sure if anyone has ever made this kind of housing but here's some screenshot





    ====================================================================How to play?
    You will have to "sign-up" as a "Player" of the game, the Players needed for the game is 3, once there is 3 Players now, there will be a theme vote, you will have to vote for a theme, for example "Animals", "Vehicle", "Jobs". These Themes are for what the words will be about.
    When the game starts, the 3 players will be given Resident, a CO or I(The owner) will put a sign on the sea lantern above, he sign will be a word with missing letters, the missing letters will be shown as underscores, The players will have to guess that word with a sign. Why signs? Bc i don't want to miss any guesses from the Players. To be able to see the "Mystery word" or the guesses, you will have to decrease FOV.
    The timing of each rounds will be 3-5 minutes, depending on how long the players choose before game starts.
    The amount of rounds will be 3-10, also depends on how many the player chooses before game starts.
    On the "Pod's"(Sorry, dunno what to call it) "fence" there will be a sign that shows the points the player has.
    1st to guess correctly gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 1 point.
    The winner is the one with most points.
    The winner will be Guest again but if they win 3 times they keep their
    If you win 10 times you will be able to be interviewed for CO.

    I hope ya all like this housing.
    Feel free to give me suggestions!

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  2. Looks nice! I'll probably stop by ;)
  3. guess the word starts with g and ends in g has 5 letters


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