1. Quick Background Before I Go Into My Inquiries:
    I’m into cybersecurity and one of the job requirements that seems to be on every job posting I’ve come across has been some form of coding knowledge, whether that be Python or JavaScript or PHP or Java or C++, etc. I know there are resources such as CodeAcademy for this type of stuff and I think it’s a fantastic website for learning, however due to some learning deficits I have, I’m unable to retain the information. I’m also fascinated by the level of complexity and originality that goes into the creation of custom plugins for Hypixel. By no means are these inquiries intended as my attempt to steal Hypixel’s game modes or anything of the sort - I’m merely wondering how the network developers (or any of you in the community who develop Minecraft mini games/plugins learned to do so and what tips can be offered from your education/experience with this particular subject).

    I know I can be quite the writer in my threads (my apologies) and my intent can get lost in translation so I’ll lay out my questions as follows below for further clarification:

    • Does anyone have any memory retention or learning techniques when it comes to learning coding languages? Any practice exercises or general methods you guys use to improve your coding skills and remember the information?
    • What kind of planning is required to make such complex game modes as the ones existing on Hypixel? (Note: This is not intended as my attempt to steal ideas or methodologies from the network developers by any standards so I’m so, so sorry if it comes across as that. I was merely wondering because I am interested in making game modes and plugins of my own and don’t really know how the planning process or code implementations behind these types of minigames like on Hypixel occur. If you can’t answer this, I completely understand. Again, not my intention to steal ideas from Hypixel or offend any staff members of the network.)
    • Does anyone have recommendations for basic coding languages for information technology/security jobs in that type of industry? If not, does anyone have general recommendations that could potentially be used for fields like the ones mentioned above?

    I appreciate the help and feedback in advance, and I really want to re-iterate that by no means am I trying to steal the ideas of Hypixel or their plugins or anything of that sort. I’m merely curious behind the generalities of the planning process for these types of complex game modes and potentially how I would go about coding my own game modes/minigames/etc. If you can’t answer, I completely understand, and would be happy to make my intent more clear and concise in a private message if any confusion may arise from what I’m trying to communicate.

    Thanks again and wishing all of you a wonderful day!

    Anx :)
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    Generally speaking, trying to apply the things you learn as much as possible in a way that benefits you is both good for both your project and for your learning.

    Everyone has those things that they just can’t quite remember and have to look up often, but I believe that applying your learning wherever it will help is the best practice for remembering it.

    Firstly, Hypixel has an existing code base in place that makes game development easier. Of course every game they make does need unique development of its own, but I just wanted to say beforehand that they do have base code to work off of. Not that that is required, but if you come to find yourself repeating a lot of code, you may find yourself wanting to create your own.

    As for thought organizing, I prefer to use a notebook and/or a whiteboard for organizing my thoughts. First, think of every detail about yourgame from start to finish.
    • What happens when a use connects to the game? Do they spawn in a lobby? Is the game constantly running or is here a queue?
    • Are there teams? Does the player get to choose or is it random?
    • What’s the objective? Must there be a points system?
    • Are there any weapons? What are the statistics and abilities of each? How will each ability work?
    • What happens when the game ends? Are the users warped directly to the lobby? Is there a winner podium you want to teleport the users to for the last 15 seconds?
    Questions like these are great starters for your game. You should have a clear vision of your game before you even touch your keyboard to start programming it. Jot all the answers down somewhere where they will stay.

    If you’re keeping a notebook, perhaps a table of contents will help you organize your thinking even more. Number your pages and put explicit titles on the ones you use, leaving a not about where they are in the table of contents. You could even make references to another page from within one idea.

    I’m sorry I can’t answer your last question, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find the answer if you search around a little. Best of luck with whatever you do!
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  3. You’re perfectly fine! Thank you so, so much for the help!
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