1. Alright. I kinda wanna fix wise, not because it's OP, but because it's misused. No offence, but wise is a MANA set, not a SPEED set. Here are changes I propose:

    Make the rogue sword ability cap at 200 percent (or 250 idk) speed.


    Because young is a SPEED set. I propose a buff to young. It sets your speed to 300. This will make young a viable set, and will make it optimal for grinding. Wise won't be bad, because you can still spam aote and other things.

    I believe this is fair.

    If you dislike at least say why
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  2. Ye sounds pretty good to me bc at least dat mana cud be useful for other items
  3. EmoBi

    EmoBi Member

    Or, we could make the rogue sword cost mana around a certain percentage of all your available mana (as demonstrated with the mana orbs) so it takes up more mana and is harder to be spammed.
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  4. oCyph

    oCyph Well-Known Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    But the rogue sword requires mana? Young is basically a set for farming. It’s one of the worst sets. Wise is pretty viable in many weapons and that’s honestly really good. With the slayer weapons, mana is required a lot more than usual so this is where very wise and the ability come in handy.
  5. Na bc if it’s a percent then you could have 100 mana and use it the same amount as having 400 mana
  6. That's why it would be better that way... I think it should be 50% of mana, so that if you have 100 mana you could use it 2x istead of once (BUFF) but if you have 400 mana you could only use it twice instead of 6x (NERF).
  7. Problem is, wise is better in grinding then young.
  8. Well then rogue sword on wise is just not viable anymore...
  9. Yeah that's the idea. It'll still give 120 speed, which isn't bad but isn't broken
  10. Definitely needed, but would hurt auction house a lot probably.
  11. oCyph

    oCyph Well-Known Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    young is basically a mid game armor set for people that are in hardened diamond and need a better set to advance in the game.
  12. No I reckon wise shouldn't be used for speed, when young is literally a SPEED dragon.

    And wise would go down, but young would go up.
  13. Wise should have an edge for speed over some guy that has a rogue sword and still has +same speed, but just not an overwhelming edge of speed.
  14. End armour
  15. Yea wise will still allow 4 rogue sword uses, which is still ok

    Young should maybe be buffed to 275
  16. oCyph

    oCyph Well-Known Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    how so? You are basically proposing for any wise dragon set user to not be able to use the rogue sword. Again, the rogue sword has an ability that requires mana. So it should be able to be used for any wise dragon set.
  17. Why should wise be nerfed. It’s not as strong in damage as strong and superior
    It’s a pricy set and deserves to be good

  18. Ok no.

    I'm proposing for young to be buffed, and rouge sword to use 50 perc2nt of mana. This makes it viable for newer players, and still OK for end grinding, just not as good as young will be.

    This makes young worth it
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  19. I now present to you a salty young dragon user seeing that the set they chose is trash.
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  20. Well it really shouldn’t allow people to run at mach 5. Sky block is not meant to be a competitive game and having wise set people stealing all the zealots from people clearly makes the game more competitive, which is not what they and i want

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