1. Well hello there!

    Quack Quack, oh hi, my name is YohnaldDuck, you can call me Yohnald, Mr. Duck, and or Duck, i go by all. Here i will talk about my life and my minecraft experience, well lets get started! QUACK!

    I am 19 years of age but will be turning 20 in a couple of months. I worked at a few jobs during my years before this post, but the most recent was being a Volunteer Fire Fighter, before i moved to a new state to apply to become a State Patrol Officer. I put my life on the line being a fire fighter, had bad calls, and one being my Grandma's house on Christmas day, house was a total loss but that didn't keep our spirits down! A few months later i sent an application in to the State Patrol and was accepted to start the hiring phases, and as of this post, i am still in the recruiting stage, have tests and physicals before i am fully accepted into the academy. Each and every day, i represent a state putting my full and my all into making sure not only i am safe, but that the person next to me, in front of me, and behind me is safe! Now that's just my life experience a tad, but its the best experiences i have! Oh do i see a piece of bread... one minute gotta get it, QUACK!!!

    Now that i had my bread, we can move into my minecraft experience. I have been playing minecraft for about 8-9 years now, started in singleplayer learning the game, and then progressed to join multiplayer, didn't know how to but enjoyed playing with the communities that was there, now this is way before my account got stolen from me, so about a year after having my minecraft account, it was stolen and i had to purchase a new account, thats when i learned to be more secured, and learned to be more secretive of my account information. A few years playing multiplayer, my cousin was interested in playing so why not give her my account, at that moment i purchased a new account so my cousin and i could enjoy the fun servers that was out and alive! We had so much fun and enjoyed the servers we got to play on! About 2016, i gave the one account i had to another cousin so we didn't fight over an account and get banned by accident, so i purchased a current account which i am currently using! Oh wait... i think a helper just offered me bread... one minute... QUACKKKK!!!

    Alright, my Hypixel experience was amazing, and it still is! I have been here for about 4-5 years now, cant recall, but the community was so overwhelming and so welcoming when i first joined, i met friends and enjoyed being able to hang with them on a big community and meet many more! The games back then to now have progress and boy did it change big time! I love the community back then and the community now! The community has changed from then to now and are always here to help!

    Now i believe thats enough about my introduction about me, i gotta go find my duck pond because i got lost... If you ever need talk to someone, you can always slide into the pm's as long as you provide bread!

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  2. I love the quacks you included at the end, after every paragraph I read it was something that made me smile more. It’s so wonderful to meet you :)
  3. I am glad it made you smile, and its so wonderful to meet you as well!
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  5. Hey there Commander, its very nice to meet you as well!
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  6. Welcome.
  7. A fire fighting duck eh? Give this duck a cookie piece of bread!

    One of the best intro threads that I've read in a while (I barely read many but I do read the ones that catch my interest). Glad to have you here with us!
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    Family FML
    Well... that's one way to transition to another paragraph...
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  9. Thanks bud
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    Welcome to the forums! c:
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