1. a video of me maxing out my new AOTD :D

    you scums probably think I'm trying to promote myself, nah, just a widepeepoHappy moment

    also a huge thanks to my boy @SpedUHC for helping out fighting drags, i had to grind about 56 eyes myself.
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  2. Congrats, if that's what you wanted to hear. XD
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  3. Nice, it's always nice when you hit any milestone in SB
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  4. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Quacking TREES
    I remember the time I got my pigman.

  5. Getting one of the best swords is probably the happiest thing in skyblock. It is just like getting enough dmg to one shot the mine zombies
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  6. I remember also getting my first undead sword, man that thing is so garbage xD, let me see if I can find it for a screenshot.

    EDIT: don't want to make another reply, so here [​IMG]

    im semi-ashamed to put this on the forums
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  7. And to follow up on this thread, after trying to auction all of my leftover Enchanted Grilled Pork, I dropped 24 to some lucky fellow by the auction master. FeelsBadMan that SkyblockAddons doesn't have doubledrop protection for enchanted grilled pork. A little pissed I lost 6mil but it's alright I guess
  8. Atleast you maxed your Undead lmfao. Mine back in the day Got Looting,Scavenger, FS, Sharp maybe cleave and maybe critical but like 4-5 enchants xd very trash
  9. GamerGuy73

    GamerGuy73 Member

    i tried to do this yesterday then the anvil glitch thats allows u to get barriers happened and i lost it
  10. Is no one gonna talk about how he got spicy first try?
  11. 56 x 600k = you couldve bought 2 or 3 aotds
  12. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

    Fezzy POG
    if u sold those 56 eyes you would have 28 million. but congrats anyway
  13. cq_


    cq_ Member

    Vectrex VTREX
    Ah yes, another fellow happy player. I too got my pigman sword yesterday and maxed it out on the same day after a painful 3 months of waiting (I can't afk so I waited out 30 of the enchanted grilled pork entirely through minions without any upgrades or fuel and bought the other 18 through ah on the same day). The feeling of getting one of the best swords in the game (especially crafting it) is great
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  14. I know, except it's a lot more fun to get it yourself instead of buying it.
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  15. Nice.
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  16. Half way through recording I remembered I only had ~200k in bank and I thought there's no way I'm going to get spicy. Then that happened. Epic.
  17. Just gotta add that music rune 3 and you got yourself a perfect AotD. Congratz!
  18. Isn't music rune 3 like 2 million coins right now? xD, That is the main goal though, eventually.
  19. I got it on mine for 800k, it just requires luck while using tier 1 runes.
  20. I spent 500k on 4 and I ended with one level 1. I'm very lucky.

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