1. I am excited for the skywars tournament, but I actually haven't played it yet since I wasn't able to right at the start, and when I did want to play, many people complained of constant cheating and horrible gameplay (which makes me want until people have already used their 8 hours up).

    Although the tournament is seemingly becoming cheater infested from what I've heard, the good thing for the weekend is that there is no cosmetics. Some of you guys might think I'm crazy, but it's so nice playing a regular game without being blinded by that stupid swirly fire trail. I low key wish the cosmetic system was removed since it has caused problems for various reasons (low loot box sales, cheating in ranked, etc). Let me know your thoughts about the cosmetics I guess and whatever skywars stuff you want to mention.
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  2. Oh, just wait until you actually play... then the words "benefit of the tourney" won't exist anymore
    just a tip
  4. I played this morning and it was horrible LOL
  5. I agree with you, the fire projectile is trash.
  6. yeah, this is the biggest fail I've ever seen come out of hypixel XD

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