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  1. ok so I have an idea. So there are some servers that put players into a server when they are banned. It doesn’t stop them from joining the server, but stops them from playing the server. It’s kind of like a jail world where banned players are sent. (Badboyhalo’s server has it).

    So I think hypixel should implement something like that. Leave your thought below
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  2. Nope. Your are punished, so you don’t deserve to be able to play on anything that hypixel owns.
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  3. Why. The heck. Should Hypixel. Give ANYTHING to these hackers?
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  4. Banned players should not have the ability to play minigames on the server as the person (two spaces) above me has already stated. Even if they are sent to an empty room, with nothing to do, it would be useless.
  5. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUN
    Servers cost money, and there's no point in wasting server resources on banned players.
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  6. MegaCoin

    MegaCoin Active Member

    The whole purpose of a ban is to be totally separated from the network including its community. This would nearly be the opposite.

    Also, it would obviously cost a lot of money to host more servers for those people. Money that could be spend on their developers and builders to create new content.
  7. Ok. BTW I’m not punished bc I haven’t done anything. I just had the idea.
  8. hmmmmmmmmm

    money will be lost, and hypixel needs his cup noodles.
  9. I rather see a skywars update that does not remove ranked XD
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