1. TheFloss

    TheFloss Active Member

    I might get into playing this.
  2. Blitz was such a fun game back in the day...

    Even though your kit and your status on the server were mainly the game-deciding factors, and teaming/hacking/etc. was sometimes rampant, it still had something about it that made me crave it even more.

    I don't care what people say about you Blitz, you'll always hold a special place in my heart.
  3. So I’ve been trying to play this... I really want to get into this game.

    But I just can’t. I guess it’s not my style... and it doesn’t help when every other person you fight hacks.
  4. IG88_0x

    IG88_0x Well-Known Member

    I am actually that one player who sits in the arena lobby waiting for a 1v1
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  5. Tried it. And I agree with xSirDaniel.
    Its a fun game, just too many hackers.
  6. co69

    co69 Active Member

    Great idea to put some light on old games or games that aren't as popular
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  7. This would be absolutely amazing with mega walls because 5x coins+5x exp+Happy Hour, that would give me prestige 4 in no time. Great idea Hypixel staff :D

    hypixel.png + pickle.jpg =Hypixel
  8. zPuffy_

    zPuffy_ Member

    Same thing!
  9. aPaint

    aPaint Well-Known Member

  10. For gosh sake, please do that to smash ;-;
  11. The whole server gonna be playin blitz now lol.
  12. There are multiple games that are more dead than Blitz lol
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  13. PenguinedPlayz

    PenguinedPlayz Well-Known Member

    work on the games that you made the earliest such as classic lobby games.
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  14. Well, I have been playing Blitz for the first time and I’ve decided to share my first-time player’s impression here:

    - The first thing that I’ve missed was the weapon. God! There are not enough weapons in the chests! I think that this is the worst thing about it.

    - The second thing that I’ve missed is the kit that I’ve bought. I’ve got my kit after a whole minute. So, I’ve had no weapon for one third of the game. This is really odd. Ofc you can go to the center but if you are not lucky/fast enough to get a good weapon you are dead... instantly... so, no fun.

    - All three first positions were for people with VI+ kits showing that the newcomers have no chance even if they are good at PvP.. cause it's mainly PvP, right?

    - I have asked for some help at Blitz lobby and I’ve got a response on the fifth attempt (I’ve got an “Oof” too). Fortunately, the one that responded was very nice and has explained me some things about the game.

    - The maps were huge. That was good (better to hide) and bad (the chests were quite far).

    - I think that for this type of events we should have a “new player game”, just for newcomers’ cause, I mean, I would have left after the third rekt but I’ve stayed just to have a fair impression of the game.
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  15. I just pop up to say a big LOL.

    Nice job staff team, it's a pleasure to see our ideas from 2 years ago finally implemented.

    You know what's wrong on hypixel? if an idea doesn't come from them, it's not a good idea.

    If you were more listening to us, maybe hypixel would have more that 20k ppl on a sunday.

    Call me when you'll finally add this highlight to the classic lobby.

    Too late to make this change now, all your vets have left already.
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  16. Symm

    Symm Well-Known Member

    Galex ✪GALEX✪
    Glad to see the older games getting revived!

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