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    Good news for Bed Wars fans - we just released 2 new Bed Wars maps, and have totally revamped the current Solo/Double map Pernicous, with all 3 maps available to play now in the Prototype Lobby. Over the next month we will be bringing you regular map updates to both Bed Wars and Murder Mystery, as well as updates for other games.

    For more information on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

    ▶ How to Find and Play PTL Games
    The Prototype Lobby (PTL) is a space on Hypixel where you can test all our in-development minigames and give your feedback, helping to shape the minigames of Hypixel's future!

    To access the PTL, do any of the following:
    • Open the Game Compass (compass icon on hotbar) and click the Anvil icon (PTL)
    • Or click the Prototype Lobby NPC in the Main Lobby
    • Or type the command /lobby PTL into your chat window and send it
    Once in the PTL, you'll see all the available games including Murder Mystery on the right-most spot :)

    ▶ Revamped Pernicious

    Developer Comments: When we initially designed Pernicious we wanted to test out a larger size map with some additional movement features, but unfortunately these didn't pass our internal testing (and feel good). After release, the lack of additional movement features meant some games were very drawn out. In the new version we address this issue with a more compact map, giving greater difficulty when trying to control multiple objectives on mid.

    ▶ 2 New Maps
    ▶ Map Selector in Solo & Doubles

    Since there's now more than 1 Solo / Doubles map, we've updated the Bed Wars Map Selector to include these modes.

    All players can select 1 map per day, but MVP+ ranked players can select unlimited maps. You can upgrade to MVP+ rank for 80% off (this weekend only) on our store: store.hypixel.net.
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  2. FIRST! And HYPE as well!

    Bedwars is kewl
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  3. Nice! Maybe I can play on those later...
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  4. Maps!
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  5. Fives

    Fives New Member

    Bed Wars OFFICER
    Absolutely epic!

    Wasn't playing solo anymore because of the dull, imbalanced single map, will get back to playing it, now.
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  6. hype
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  7. Neshie

    Neshie Well-Known Member

    Celestial MEMBER
    Hype for new maps!!!

    Thanks a lot :)

    When will this ever become a gamemode?
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  8. noice xD
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  9. Looks cool! Can't wait for the full release!

    Oh. And:
    Hype rocket.gif
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  10. Nice stuff! Hyped for more!
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  11. When will this become a full game though?
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  12. Awesome! PTL HYPE!!!
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  13. Awesome! I can't wait to play on them!
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  14. Thanks for the new Bedwars maps update! :)
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  15. Hype!
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  16. Pmorken

    Pmorken Well-Known Member

    HallowFall OFFICER
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  17. The Hype Train Has No Breaks on the Hypixel Net Work xD
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  18. Thanks for the update :)
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  19. Oonaugh_

    Oonaugh_ Well-Known Member

    can you add ranked matchmaking to duels and statistics? Cus i wanna fight someone who actually knows what they're doing instead of being paired with a random
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  20. Hype!
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