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  1. You might think of the new autotip as being something really simple, just running /tip all on a loop every hour. While this is true, a lot more goes on in the autotip mod, and it's a bit hard to explain in a few words. That's why I'm making this post explaining how it works, and of course I'll give the download link if you want to join in on the fun ;)

    So basically it will first do /tip all and tip everyone with active boosters on. They are obviously the priority as they actually paid money to the server and should be rewarded. After everyone with active boosters is tipped, my website will tell the autotipper every game mode that DIDN'T have a booster on. You can only tip once per hour in a certain gamemode, but you will still get the same rewards as a regular booster tip. So with some complex systems in my backend, my website will get every player who is online with autotip, and will choose some of those online players to be tipped. Of course, all the other online autotippers are doing the same thing, so it creates a loop of players tipping and being tipped, ultimately earning more experience for everyone.

    Hopefully that makes sense, if you want to download the updated mod you can at
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  2. Hype
    Edit: Whenever I try to install it, it works but it keeps on saying Autotip is out of date
    Plz Help
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
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  3. This is a pretty neat way of bypassing what was at first meant to be a nerf to autotippers. +1 Potato.

    I don't think I'll be doing this for long, but I'm gonna try this out for about a week just to see how efficient autotip really is, hearing alot about It recently over the forums. :p
    hopefully I don't get addicted

    Curious to see that at peak times or during sales though, must be insane.
  4. I mean i don't think it was really supposed to be a nerf lol

    also peak times/sales aren't relevant at all anymore because autotip will always be tipping in all game modes, it's actually more effective when there are less boosters in terms of recieving tips because each player sends out more tips :p
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  5. Taboo

    Taboo Well-Known Member

    SabreTooth L
    Thanks for the new and improved auto tip (I haven't actually used an auto tip before but I may as well give it a try).
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  6. SoleFern

    SoleFern New Member

    I was literally going around lobbies asking how to enable auto-tip because I thought it was a feature Hypixel implemented. I'm such a noob to the forums. :p
    (first post!)
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  7. May I ask how your website gets the online players in a gamemode? Are our clients sending it to you? :)
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  8. Yes they are.
  9. Ovicron

    Ovicron Active Member

    StormIn STM
    Thanks a lot for putting time into this for free @2Pi
  10. Well, I'll be getting xp out of it too :p
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  11. Totum

    Totum Well-Known Member

    Watch out for the suck zone, once you get in you will never get out!
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  12. MC_Explorer7-

    MC_Explorer7- Well-Known Member

    Shouldnt matter now at all when you use it because it will tip all games all the time
  13. woot ya

  14. I'm still confused though, admins stated that tipping has been made more useful but the coins were reduced from 25 to 15, exp to 50 from 100, and karma completely removed. It's a nerf instead of a buff ;-;
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  15. Yes but you can tip all the time now, which is better than just relying on boosters to be active
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  16. Welcome to the forums m9 :)
  17. Levery

    Levery Well-Known Member

    Cat P2W
  18. Semx11

    Semx11 Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
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  19. Tenma_

    Tenma_ Well-Known Member

    Hype! I'm tempted to afk for the 10 days I'm away but I'm afraid my computer will blow up or something so I'll just be afking over night :(

    Thanks for doing this so quickly <3
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  20. So karma is not a think that is useless now? i mean if you say gg you still get 25 but that abought all you can get karma for... maybe they are going to do something with it... ;)
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