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  1. Why 8v8?

    Well basically I was going through some of the Bedwars forums and there were few problems I've been seeing a lot discussed in the forums.
    1. Rushing
    2. Invis Pot/Jump Pot abuse
    3. Targetting
    4. Tnt is unbalanced
    5. Need in a game mode where more than four players can play in each team
    So I decided to solve these problem by making a new system.

    However there is a problem when making a game mode with large amount of people in each team
    1. Harder to break beds
    2. Less jobs for each individual players

    So we came up with few ideas that could deal with these problems.

    Map Positioning:

    Bases - Basically there will be two huge bases facing each other in the opposite end. These bases will be around the same size as the middle island of the current game mode. However the spawn rate of iron and gold will be twice as fast as the spawner in 4v4v4v4. There will be two beds in each base, meaning each team will have to protect two beds at the same time. If one of the beds get destroyed, they can no longer respawn. We decided to have two beds in each team in order to lessen the rigor to break the beds. By making the teams to protect two beds at the same time, their defense will be more distributed, and theres easier chance to break their beds. The spawner will be located in between the two beds.


    (Credits to @Sgubaldo @Use_me_Not and @Exotic_Pie )​

    Emerald Generator (AKA mid) - In between the two bases, there will be a middle island which has four emerald generators. The island will be really huge, huge I mean by the size of an entire map of Speed UHC. In the center of a middle island, there will be an ender dragon chained. It shoots fire balls to the nearby players meaning players in the middle island. The fireball damage will be strong enough to two shot a player with no armor. Their attack also removes the potion effect. This makes it harder to rush to the opponent's base in the beginning of the game since players need to allot enough time to buy armors and upgrades. It will be also hard to collect emeralds, making them more valuable The dragon will disappear if you kill them, or if you wait for 15 minutes. This first 15 minutes is a Preparation phase where players can have some time to gear up and prepare for the fight.

    (Credit - @GrMiner2005 )​

    Diamond Generator - Beside the middle island, there will also be two small islands with two diamond generators. The diamonds will be important in the first phase of the game since it is nearly impossible to collect emeralds without buying an upgrade. However there is another system I want to add - which is domination. Each diamond island can be dominated by staying there (imagine the domination in Warlords). Only the team that dominated the diamond island can get diamonds. Other team has to beat all the players on the island and dominate them in order to collect diamonds. During the first phase, players will compete getting diamonds. It is also placed beside the middle island since players do not have to go through an ender dragon to collect the diamonds.

    Sorry don't have enough time to draw or build the map, but this is what it looks like

    Red Base
    Diamond–––Middle Island (Ender Dragon in Mid)–––Diamond
    Blue Base​

    (Improvement Credits to @Exotic_Pie )​

    Spawn Rate:
    Diamond Generator - The spawn rate of diamonds will be twice as fast as the ones in 4v4v4v4 game mode, due to the fact that upgrades in 8v8 will be more expensive, compared to the other game modes.

    Iron and Gold Generator - The spawn rate of irons and golds will be also doubled since each team will have twice the amount of players.

    Emerald Generator - I was thinking whether I should keep the spawn rate of the emerald as it is or double it. After a discussion we decided to reduce the spawn rate of the emerald by 3/4, making it a bit faster but not too fast. There will also be more competition in the middle, so the emerald value will be pretty balanced.


    Preparation Phase (first 15 min)
    - As explained before, this is the phase where an ender dragon will be placed in the middle island. It will be really hard to collect emeralds unless players gear up or buy armor upgrades. This phase prevents people from rushing and makes the emerald more valuable.

    Main Phase (20 min after prep phase) - This phase is same as the normal game mode, where players compete to destroy the other team's bed. At the beginning of the main phase the ender dragon will fly away to the sky and players are now able to collect emeralds or go to the other team's base more easily.

    Ending Phase (last 10 minutes) - The ender dragon flies back to our island and destroys both teams' bed. This is where

    Item Shop:

    TNT (16 Golds) - Since there is only one bed you're aiming to destroy, obviously tnt should cost even more. This also makes tnt more valuable but also risky, since if you lose them, basically you lose 20 golds.

    (Cost Change Improvement - Credits to @GrMiner2005 )
    Bridge Egg (6 emerald) - Recently I have been realizing the value of bridge egg, since all the players of your team can use the bridge. This means that the value of the egg should rise due to the fact that there are more players in the team.

    Pros and Cons:

    Basically I added the Ender Dragon System because I saw many people complaining about people rushing in the beginning or people abusing invisible pots and jumping pots. Personally I enjoy playing games that last long, because most of the time in late games, the game will be more intense and more strategic. I made this mode one team vs one team in order to avoid "targeting", since there is only one opponent in this game mode. I was also concerned with how my party always had 6-8 people (I'm in a guild so) so I wanted a game mode where we can all play together. I also added the diamond domination system in order to make the game more challenging, since I got a feed back from my friend that 8v8 might be too easy. This way people have enough jobs to do.

    Obviously the game will take longer, so maybe people who wants the game to be shorter won't like it.

    By the way, I don't find criticism to be rude. It's really helpful. Currently, I find my idea to be incomplete, and I need your honest thoughts to my ideas. I am willing to change it, if your feedback is very good. My goal is to create something majority of people will agree to it, and in order to make this happen, I need everyone's help.

    Feedbacks from the Replies:
    8v8 or 5v5 ? (Comment by @Pyrospower )
    Some people preferred 5v5 and others preferred 8v8. The thing is that both modes carry a problem.
    8v8 - Too much people, meaning it will be a lot more difficult to go for a bed compared to other game modes. Imagine 8 people camping... yikes. One of the ideas I got was to place two beds in each base instead of one. This might make it easier to break the beds... please tell me what you think about this idea.

    5v5 - The beds are easier to break, and the game is probably gonna be fast paced... just like 4v4v4v4, meaning many people will likely to abuse this to grind just like the other current game modes
    I really need some ideas that can solve these problems, please comment below if you have some kind of an idea.

    One bed and two towers? (Comment by @GrMiner2005 )
    GrMiner2005 suggested that instead of having two beds, there should be two towers in the base protecting the bed. Please give us some feedbacks on his idea. :)

    Special Thanks:



    Thanks to @SethPRG and his friend Dotz, we will be having a sample map for 8v8!
    The map is called "Infestation"
    I will be posting the overview of their map on the thread once they are done building the map.

    Again, I am very thankful for them for building the map.

    Additional Note:

    It will be really helpful if other players could also build a map for 8v8, since our idea will be more persuasive and appealing if we have a sample map. I will make sure to credit you once you are done with your map. Please feel free to ask questions, I am willing to answer them.

    Regards, Inari

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  2. great idea!
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  3. great idea, but there should be a mega bw (50v50)
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  4. totally not bed - royale
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  5. Thanks!
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  6. The Idea is good! :)
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  7. Wondering

    Wondering Active Member

    Reminds me of the game, rush. It had only 2 beds and they were across from each other. It had teams of 2/3/4
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  8. Borkles

    Borkles Well-Known Member

    This is an actually good idea! Better than people wanting 5v5!
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  9. I was considering 5v5v5v5 but that will just make the rushers easier to grind so I decided not to.
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  10. I got this Idea from league of legends xD
    Basically theres a tower in the game and you can't go through them unless you gear up... so I was like.. "hmm how about we have something similar in bedwars?"
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  11. Thanks!
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  12. Amazing Idea!
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  13. Thanks!
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  14. No problem :)
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  15. 100000v100000 or 10000000000000000v1
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  16. i
    like that second one :D
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  17. lol I'd like to see the second one
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  18. OneMCGod

    OneMCGod New Member

    Damn, actually not a bad idea. I hope it becomes a thing xD
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  19. I dont know about there only being 2 teams. If there were 4 teams of 8 then that would be better. More chaotic, but better.
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  20. why so many yes votes 8v8 will just lag everybody like mega skywars lol
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