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    First of all, from the whole Hypixel team we wish everyone a very happy new year. We are super excited about 2018, and wanted to take some time to give a quick roundup of 2017 - and also show you how you can generate your own unique Year on Hypixel in-game to share on social media or with friends (like above).

    A lot happened in 2017 - we hit so many milestones in no small part thanks to your help. There's way too much stuff to list in full, but in 2017 we:
    • Released the Prototype Lobby, a whole new way to develop games with more of your input - and 8 PTL games
    • Created Bed Wars and Murder Mystery, and took them all the way to v1.0 release - now our #1 and #3 most popular games of the year
    • Developed and launched Hypixel China, the 2nd largest Minecraft Server in the world
    • Added 51 new maps, including 19 community maps, and 2 new languages
    • Broke 4 Guiness World Records including most players on an independent server for any video game
    • Helped run the MINECON Earth Tournament and Viewing Party in London
    • Released 100s of patches across games and smashed 10s of 1000s of bugs and issues
    • Grew faster than the sale of Minecraft Java Edition for most of the year
    • Hit our highest Monthly Active Players ever, and our highest CCU Playercount ever
    • Hit 1 Million Likes on Facebook
    But the best (and most fun) way to quantify everything is with numbers. We created an infographic detailing the big numbers of 2017, included at the bottom of this post - or click here to view it now or continue reading to find out how to generate your own personal stats from 2017 on Hypixel!

    ▶ My 2017 on Hypixel
    None of the above would have been possible without you - our amazing players. The above numbers are a combination of all our players' progress, but we wanted to let everyone see how much they themselves progressed in 2017 and how active they were on Hypixel.


    With 'My 2017 on Hypixel', you can generate a bunch of unique stats including how much time you played games, your top played games and other fun stuff. To generate your stats just do the following:
    1. Login to Hypixel - you should see a book appear with a link. If that doesn't appear, just type the command /My2017 in chat then send it
    2. Wait a few moments for your stats link to generate and appear in chat. If you don't see it after a short while, just do the /My2017 chat command again to see it
    3. Click the link in chat and confirm you want to visit our website
    4. On the unique link, you'll see all your generated stats for the year. You can share this link with friends - or download an image to share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord or anywhere!
    Other players will only be able to see your stats if you share your link with them. So if you don't want others to know how few Bed Wars kills you got, just don't share the link :D

    We hope this is a fun way for you to see how much you grew and progressed on Hypixel throughout 2017. Here's to even more progress, stats, and fun times playing with friends on the server in 2018 and beyond!

    Happy New Year

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  2. e reserved!

    edit 1;

    Edit 2; this is hot
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  3. NICE
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  4. According to my stats...

    I played too much hypixel
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  5. Leget

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    Xecute X
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  8. oooo
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  9. Night

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    Will check out I guesw
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  10. bunnno

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    HypeW H
    edit: wow 3 million build battles o.o
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  11. Rakt

    Rakt Helper

    This is unique, I probably made up at least 1000 of those skywars deaths :p
    edit: no life.JPG
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  12. 1 billion deaths? That looks like my stats
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  15. GG, these achievements tho xD
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  16. WolfRift

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    N0L1F35 NOLIFE
    First page! Also, 2017 was a great year for hypixel!
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  17. HolidayJoy

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  18. yay im so curious!!!!! :D oh wait im false banned smh
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  19. lopen

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    IceSquad ICE
    Ehm according to my info, this is incorrect and you missed 41 maps :p
    I just counted all maps that got added and announced on the front page :p
    And I cam at 92 maps, so how did you guys count?
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  20. That's really neat actually :p
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