1. Made a pack for items past the end update. To use it, download it, put it in your resource pack folder. Then use optifine's alternate blocks option turned on, and the custom items option turned on. Need optifine because it allows custom textures and items. Don't ask for a version not for optifine because that is impossible. Pack is for 1.8.9 (kinda obvious. who plays in anything else?). If i missed something, let me know. I haven't done armor yet because it's annoying.

    Anyways here is the pack link:



    1.1: Added Bat the Fish, Grizzly Bait, Hunter Knife, Polished Pebble, Overflux Capacitor, Red Claw Egg, Silk-Edge Sword, Silky Lichen, Spooky Disc, Spooky Pie
    1.0: Release
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  2. I don't think very many people are going to download this without any images or information about the pack. This doesn't even say what version it's for right now
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  3. I ain't downloading unless I see some pictures first.
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  4. listing some more information would be useful
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  5. post more info on the pack and then i might download it
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  6. Chipah

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    Svea SVEA
    More Info would be great, which version pictures and just saying how to do it once would destroy the hassle
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  7. I’m working on the pics atm just need to do bug fixes.
  8. I didn’t say much because I ain’t done just yet
  9. Good texture pack ;)
    I'm also updating my skyblock texture pack for 0.7.2, can I get inspired by yours?
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  10. Sure I don’t mind don’t copy tho
  11. k thx ^^
  12. bump added images and fixed some things. still got a bit to do and also have to add the new update textures
  13. Ima make more textures soon
  14. More textures added for Halloween update and the to be released 0.7.4 update, because some of those items were leaked.
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  16. ok:
    A: ImperiaL hasn't updated his pack past the end update
    B: It is fixed
    C: Don't just add that here. This is a separate pack to that one
    D: Advertising. Seriously? That is the most rude thing that you could ever do, putting another pack next to mine. Do you understand what you just did. I'd delete that post if I were you. Yeah use the pack underneath mine because they have all the other textures, i don't mind. Or just use that pack. But don't say to use another pack and say use this. I said it's fixed.

  17. Henle

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    Quacking TREES
    Ooh nice. +1
  18. Thanks!
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  19. Why are you getting so triggered. I kept this in mind while making that post, which is why I said
    "Until it's fixed..."
    Obviously, it is fixed, so you can kindly remind me.
    I just made that post just to show a temporary replacement until you fix the pack. Which you have.
  20. Btw good pack, I'll use this under my other pack to replace the new textures which aren't in the pack yet.

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