1. Grantro

    Grantro Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY

    All Games Guild

    Infamy is a casual all games guild that is focused on creating a positive community to play video games. The main goal of Infamy is to ensure that all members have the best experience possible. We value good people over good stats. Our Discord server is detailed with roles, rules, and memes. Our guild also features multiple Teams for members to be more involved.
    "If Discord with a chill ingame guild that doesn't tryhard too much is what you want, be sure to make their guild your new home."
    - @Pollefeys

    Guild Tag: [INFAMY]
    Legacy Rank: 66

    Guild Level: 16
    Guild Channel: Here

    Guild Cape: Here
    Guild Pack: Here

    Infamy has several teams for members to join to become more involved in the guild. The five teams we have are Application Team, YouTube Team, Events Team, Alpha, and Beta. For the most part the teams sound like exactly what they are. However, Alpha & Beta are our GvG teams. Infamy often has GvGs against other guilds. Alpha is the main team that plays in games against other guilds, and Beta is used for members to face each other in scrimmages consisting of only Infamy members. For more information on teams please read our #rules-information channel on our Discord.

    Infamy has enacted a ranking system in our discord. There are different ranks you can attain whether you are in the guild or are just a friend. For a more information on our Discord roles please read our #rules-information channel on our Discord.

    Guest - Someone in the server that is not in the guild.
    Ally - People who are from an allied guild or in the BIKE alliance.
    Ally Staff - Given to Officers of an allied guild.
    Infamous - People outside the guild that are well-known and active.
    Original - Someone who has been in the guild for 9 consecutive months.
    Member - The average guild-mate.
    Trusted - Active members who have not been in the guild very long.
    Elder - People who have shown loyalty to the guild. Active members.
    Adviser - In on decisions, though not an officer.
    Officer - Officers in the guild, the highest obtainable staff position.
    Former Owner - People who previously owned the guild.
    Owner - Owners of the guild.

    Events here happen very frequently. Larger events that are planned beforehand occur almost weekly and smaller more spontaneous ones happen 2-5 times a week. We do GvGs quite often as well. Beta GvGs, which everyone can participate in, take place 2-3 times a week. These GvGs are inter-guild, meaning instead of playing another guild, you GvG other guild members. Alpha GvGs, which only members of Alpha play in, usually happen weekly. Unlike Beta GvGs, in Alpha GvGs you play against other guilds. We do a wide variety of events. Our more popular ones include Last Man Standing, Game Night, Hypixel Olympics, Questing and Tournaments. And, not only do we do Minecraft events but we host Trivias, Movie Nights, Skribbl.io’s, Cards Against Humanity, etc. too.

    Most Recent Event: The Bridges Tournament
    Ongoing Event: Mafia Event with Hypixel Knights
    Upcoming Event: TBA

    Event Highlights

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] upload_2018-9-1_15-59-52.png [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] upload_2018-9-1_16-6-12.png [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Two years ago, Infamy implemented a Member of the Month system. It was created to honor members who contribute considerably more than others. Since then, every month, the staff chooses one member to receive this award. Candidates are nominated based on activity, (both in-game and in Discord TC's/VC's), how much they pledge to teams, how well they follow the rules, and how chill the person is in general.

    Most Recent MotM:
    [VIP+] ItzAlphaa



    Application status: OPEN

    General Requirements:
    -Must be 13 years old or older
    -Must be able to take a joke
    -Must be Network Level 40
    -Must have Discord

    Game Requirements:
    You only need to meet requirements for one game to join!

    1 Kill/Death ratio

    3,500 kills
    500 wins
    2 Kill/Death ratio
    0.50 Win/Loss ratio
    1,500 kills
    250 wins

    4.0 Final Kill/Death ratio
    400 wins

    Blitz SG:
    2,500 kills
    250 wins

    4 stars
    1 win

    1,250 wins
    1.5 Kill/Death ratio

    1,500 kills
    75 wins

    Murder Mystery:
    750 wins

    300 wins in one game

    TNT Games:
    250 total wins

    3,000 kills
    300 wins

    2,500 kills
    100 wins
    —Current IGN:
    —Link to NameMC Profile:
    —Link to Stats:
    —What is your timezone? -
    —Why do you want to join Infamy? -
    —What game(s) do you meet the requirements in? -
    —What game(s) do you play? -
    —How often are you on Hypixel? -
    —What guilds have you previously been in? -
    —Do you have a microphone (not required)? -
    —How old are you? -
    —What is your Network Level? -
    —Do you have Discord? -
    —Do you know any current Infamy members? -
    —Other information/anything we should know? -
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  2. #Pantheon
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  3. #Pantheon till the end of time
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  4. Spelunkain

    Spelunkain Well-Known Member

    Good luck !
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  5. Thanks :D
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  6. Good luck!
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  7. Herc

    Herc Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
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  8. Thank you!
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  9. Im down, if you know how gvgs work in skywars :p
    Anyway I doubt u could take us down ;)
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  10. Members list has been updated. We have kicked a few inactive players since we believe in quality over quantity ;)
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  11. Grantro

    Grantro Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    Added GvG stats, so far they've been very fun and we'd love to get in touch with other guild leaders :D
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  12. Seems like petty awsome place :D
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  13. trains
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  14. Kelvin D.

    Kelvin D. New Member

    I would like to join the guild. Since I currently do not have a guild.
    My Solo stats: 6645 Killls currently
    899 Wins currently
    My IGN is NPA11
    I do have discord.
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  15. Grantro

    Grantro Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    Accepted! Though we would appreciate you following the correct format.
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  16. Hello! I dont understand why i Always start with hello! Im annoying. To the apply!

    Kills: 4250

    Wins: 340+

    I have a discord account named AHsilver but i will create a new one.

    Love being in partys with the guild and just have fun.

    GvG is fun to. Im a pretty good rod pvper (silver 3 build UHC in badlion)
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  17. Okay i just see the start was a bit weird...
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  18. Uh aren't u in a guild though? plus ur an officer.
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  19. I will leave if i get accepted:):(:)o_O LOVE EMOJES
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  20. Very nice guild! Hope it works out for you :)
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