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    Hello, and welcome to the Hypixel Knights.
    We were created over three years ago, on April 8th, 2015.
    Guild Page: HERE

    About Us S.png
    The Hypixel Knights was created by a small group of friends who enjoyed playing together. For the first year of it's existence it was a small guild, but over time we started to grow and added more members to our guild. From here, we opened up applications to allow more members to join our amazing community. We are not a very competitive guild, but rather we are trying to have fun together. Our members play all types of games, including but not limited to Skywars, Bedwars, Mega Walls, Arcade Games, Classic Games, PTL games including Bridges and Duels, and many others. We will listen to every single member in the guild and bring personal attention to each and every one of them. We do have a discord channel, and its link can be found in the guild's Message Of The Day. We have started doing friendly Skywars GvG's against other guilds, which happen approximately once every 2 weeks. We have an events team which hosts fun events for all guild members to participate in. Finally, we have a guild youtube channel, where members can post content that they record on Hypixel.

    We are also a member of BIKE, which is a guild alliance consisting of mainly SkyWars guilds. Together, we host events, SMPs, and do GvG's against each other. All members are able to participate in these events. More information coming soon!

    We are currently the 3rd best Skywars Guild in terms in wins, and are in the top 20 Guilds in terms of Guild Level!

    Information S.png

    Total Members: 125/125
    Guild Tag: [KNIGHT]
    Current Level: 25+

    - A friendly community who always likes to have fun
    -An active Discord Server where all members are able to talk to each other
    -A staff team that cares about our members
    -Multiple teams that members can be a part of
    -Guild Member milestones which are announced every week
    -Guild leaderboards which are updated every week
    -An events team which organizes many different types of events, both competitive and fun
    -A strong GvG team and practice GvGs that all members can attend
    -Guild Capes for Optifine and 5zig
    -Guild Texture Pack

    Members S.png

    Owner: [MVP+] Horus_The_Local
    Owner: [MVP+] Ramses2

    Senior Officer: [MVP+] Venderr
    Senior Officer: [MVP++] NinjaGallade

    Officer: [MVP++] David63
    Officer: [MVP++] IroTheCookieLord
    Officer: [MVP++] chqv

    Manager: [MVP++] L05er
    Manager: [MVP+] Peculate
    Manager: [MVP+] Hefix
    Manager: [MVP+] Redcowboys
    Manager: [MVP+] ProPvper48

    Members can be found HERE

    Rules S.png

    1. Please be appropriate in the guild chat
    2. Please do not swear excessively in guild chat
    3. Please do not spam the guild chat at all
    4. Please respect all members of the guild

    5. Please do not create unnecessary drama in either the guild chat or the guild discord
    6. DO NOT HACK! If you are caught hacking or you are banned, you will be kicked immediately (unless it is a false ban)
    7. Do not sell or buy anything, including minecraft accounts, optifine capes, or minecon capes through the guild discord or chat.
    8. Guild chat should preferably be in English
    9. If you are going to be very inactive for a while, please let Horus_The_Local know through a message in the forums, or to either Ramses2 or Horus_The_Local in game

    (Click the banner to access their guild page)

    Please contact @Horus_The_Local if you would like to ally with our guild.

    Application:Requirements S.png

    Level 85 or above
    500+ SW wins
    AND one of the following below

    Skywars: 2,000 wins, 12,000 kills, and a kdr of 1 or above
    Skyclash: 1,000 wins, 8,000 kills, and a kdr of 1 or above
    Bedwars: 1,000 wins, 5,000 final kills, and a final kdr of 2 or above

    Duels: 3,000 duels wins
    Other gamemodes: Please tell us your stats, and we will decide if they are good enough. You can also apply under some PTL games, but you would most likely be subject to a trial to see your skills.

    Additionally, if you are at least level
    150, you can apply even if you don't meet any of our requirements. However, you may still be denied if you do not have stats that we believe are good enough.


    Minecraft Username:

    Age (Not required):

    Your Timezone:

    Best Gamemode:

    Stats in that Gamemode:

    KDR in that Gamemode (If Applicable):

    Hypixel Level (Minimum of 85):

    How often do you play on Hypixel:

    Have you been banned/muted previously? If so, please include details.

    Were you in a guild previously, and if so, why did you leave it:

    Do you have Discord:

    Do you know anyone already in the guild:

    Why would you like to join The Hypixel Knights:

    Anything else you want to say/additional questions:

    Please apply on the guild thread, so that any of our staff or application team members can look at your application as soon as possible.

    Questions S.png

    Is Discord required?
    Currently, Discord is required to join the guild unless you have a specific reason why you can't have it. We announce all events and other important information there. Additionally, it is required if you want to receive any staff role.

    What gamemodes do we mostly play?

    Our members play all types of games, but the most popular ones currently are Skywars, Bedwars, Duels, and Arcade Games. However, many of our members quest games across the entire server.

    Do we do guild events?

    We often host guild parties, where we play different gamemodes together. One of our most popular events is questing parties, where guildmates play a wide variety of games together across the server. We also do internal GvG tournaments, for everyone to show their skills off. We have also started doing friendly GvG's against some of our allies. However, we will not be doing competitive GvG's in the near future.

    How can I get access to the Guild Youtube?
    The Guild Youtube Page can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvX2EgM2P3va2QN2wB8JbKA. All members are allowed to send videos into the Youtube Captains, who will then upload them onto the channel.

    Other Information S.png

    If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact either me or Horus_The_Local, and we will do our best to help you.

    Contact Information:

    Discord: Horus_The_Local#6101
    Twitter: Horus_The_Local

    Forums: @Ramses2
    Discord: Ramses2#1228


    Forums: @VenderStar
    Discord: Vender#3271
    Twitter: ImVender


    Forums: @NinjaGallade
    Discord: NinjaGallade#2362
    Twitter: NinjaGallade_


    Forums: @David63
    Discord: David63#5123
    Twitter: DavidKnight63_


    Forums: @IroTheCookieLord
    Discord: IroTheCookieLord#9304
    Twitter: irotheloser


    Forums: @WhatTrash
    Discord: WhatTrash#7113
    Twitter: whattrash_


    Forums: @Peculate
    Discord: Peculate#3065
    Twitter: peculate_mc

    Forums: @chqv
    Discord: chqv#0678
    Twitter: chqv_

    Forums: @Loserr
    Discord: Loser#9119
    Twitter: RealL05ER

    Guild Discord:

    Guild Youtube Channel:


    Guild Twitter:



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  2. Yay! Hopefully this guild will start to grow more! Can't wait to see all of the new people!

    @wild_bill @CantStump_

    We have a guild page now!
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  3. AttackHelicopter

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  4. Thanks!
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  5. AttackHelicopter

    AttackHelicopter Well-Known Member

    Just a small thing.

    Ever heard of discord? Its like TS3, but more chat-based. Creating Servers is free! My guild uses it ._.
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  6. I've heard of that. Maybe we could use it. Good idea!
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  7. AttackHelicopter

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    My guilds idea :p
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  8. :)
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  9. Apply now to join the guild!
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  10. Congratulations on @wild_bill (Will_Emmel) on becoming our newest officer!

    Hopefully our guild will grow and continue to have many "knights"

    I know, I am so funny...
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  11. Congratulations @EPZeus on joining the guild.

    FYI, I will be traveling for 2 weeks, so responses to applications may be delayed.
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  12. Congrats! Welcome to the Hypixel Knights!
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  13. Yay Thank You very much
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  14. Your welcome.

    I will be away for 2 weeks, so if you have any questions, I may be delayed in answering you.
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  15. Apply now to become a Knight!
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  16. Please apply if interested!
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  17. Apply now to become a knight
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  18. Brookiie

    Brookiie Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the guild Horus! ;)
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  19. Thanks. We're slowly trying to get new members into our year old guild, but it isn't easy...
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  20. Apply if interested!
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