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    Welcome to the Kindle guild page!

    Kindle was created on the 5th of July 2019.

    rayracer created the guild to start a new and fresh community.

    We are a small guild which need people to grow!

    If you have any questions or feed back leave a comment!


    Guild Master:
    [VIP+] rayracer

    [VIP+] eWynn



    Grimoire [COLOR]

    [MVP+] Kiff_Vincentius


    -1. Be active. (inactivity over a week without notice = kick)

    -2. Hypixel level 20.

    SKY WARS, Wins: 10 Normal wins OR 8 Ranked wins. Kills: 15 Normal kills OR 12 Ranked kills.

    BED WARS, Wins: 10. Kills: 25

    SKY BLOCK, Level 10.

    BUILD BATTLE, Wins: 15

    MURDER MYSTERY, Wins, 20. Murder Kills: 10

    (For Applications regarding games not shown DM @rayracer your application)


    (please use the application format below)

    1. Why do you want to join Kindle?
    2. Do you want to apply for Officer Or Manager?
    3. Have you been banned or muted on Hypixel if so why?
    4. If you want to join our Discord note here:


    MOM- (Member of the month) this is a shout-out of a

    amazing active member which has been hardworking and showing

    Detection to this guild & Hypixel.


    [MANAGER] eWynn

    All of our members can be found here at the guild page.


    Our website can be found at:

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  2. goodluck
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hello, here is my application for your guild:

    1. Why do you want to join Formidable? I'd like be in a guild a little more active than mine, mainly. Also, it's nicer to hang with people that have more experience with the server.
    2. Do you want to apply for Officer? I'm not looking to as soon as I join, if I'm accepted.
    3. Have you been banned or muted on Hypixel if so why? Yeah, I was banned for having the name SendMeYourNoots

    Good luck with the guild, nice concept! :)
  5. You have been Accepted! Nice application! I will invite you ASAP.
  6. bump!
  7. Liark

    Liark Well-Known Member

    What makes you think that you‘re the best guild? There isn‘t any leaderboard. Only I can determine which ones are the best,
    if you don‘t rename the title I‘ll have to contact the moderators.
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  8. Yeah "#1 Veteran Guild"
  9. BenjiRTP

    BenjiRTP Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Good luck!
  10. Ok well then...
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  11. Thanks!
  12. LavaSpamxD

    LavaSpamxD Active Member

    Unfortunately @Liark, I don't belive you have the ability to read threads properly. If you read my "Best guild of the month" is clearly states that it's MY opinion. https://hypixel.net/threads/best-guild-of-the-month.2101829/

    Next time read BEFORE you post. Thank you, and have a great day :D

    -Hopefully you can read next time :D

  13. LavaSpamxD

    LavaSpamxD Active Member

    Along with this @Liark, I am not advertising my guild. In fact, I will never put my guild here. I am actively finding guilds that deserve this title throughout the forums. Guilds that are truthful about their leaderboard positions (I can name one of them right now), guilds who are friendly and non toxic, guilds who are really active, guilds who have very nice threads and it looks like they put days of effort into it, and many other reasons.
  14. Hello, i saw your reply and wish to ally with you. Thank you
  15. Accepted!
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  16. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT we are now called KINDLE more details in the updated thread!
  17. 1. Why do you want to join Kindle? I want to join Kindle because I am looking for an active guild to hangout with on Hypixel.
    2. Do you want to apply for Officer Or Manager? No
    3. Have you been banned or muted on Hypixel if so why? Unless one of my friends got one of my accounts banned I don't think so.
    4. If you want to join our Discord note here: Hateqble#8388

    I am level 40
    I have a little over 200 kills in Bedwars
    I am Iron V in ranked Skywars
    I have magma armor on skyblock and working on pigman sword
    I am unsure on what stats I have on build battle and murder mystery because I don't play those gamemodes a lot
  18. Nice application! You're ACCEPTED! I will invite you ASAP.
  19. ANNOUCEMENT. We need a Thread Designer/Manager #2. Please apply today!!
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