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    [Guild Leader]
    [YT] AciDicBliTzz

    Hello everyone! We are the Undead and we’re a pretty casual guild. We play mostly Sky Wars/Bed Wars, but we do play a lot of the other mini games on the server. We are searching for nice, active players to join our guild and won’t look too heavily at your game stats.
    My Discord: https://discord.gg/undead


    Guild Master
    [YouTube] AciDicBliTzz

    *Setherson goes through applications and will message you*


    1,000+ Wins
    10,000 (Total) Kills
    1.75+ KDR (Kill/Death ratio)


    Other Games

    at least 500 wins (Mega Walls)
    at least 800 wins (any gamemode)
    at least 10,000 kills (any gamemodes)
    be active on the server!


    Not following the rules will result in a warning or an expulsion from the guild as the guild master or officers see fit. We also expect that all members of the guild follow the rules of the server.
    1. Do not spam the guild chat.
    2. Do not use any kind of profanity in the guild chat as we may be recording and would prefer to keep our chat PG for the sake of younger viewers.
    3. Please alert an officer if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, as we will kick people for being inactive. If you are banned, you will most likely be removed from the guild.
    4. Hacking and harassment will result in immediate expulsion from our guild, no warnings necessary.
    5. Do not ask to become an officer.
    6. Do not ask for a friend request from Justin or any of the officers, please!
    7. Respect all other members of the guild! If you run into a conflict, please try to resolve it maturely and as quickly as possible. In our guild, we will not entertain drama.
    8. Please do not frequently try to get the attention of Justin, staff members, or the Officers. We may be busy!
    Status: OPEN (TAG = UNDEAD)

    IGN: (we won't accept inappropriate usernames)
    Time Zone: --
    Requirements Met: --
    Network Level: --
    Favorite Game: --
    How often are you online?: --​
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  2. Only Sklanders of the undead element can enter this guild... I'm magic.. :(
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  3. IGN: Soon (H20 is my Hypixel account when I play with kits and go a little tryhard, but Soon is my casual account to play with friends).
    Time Zone: PST
    Requirements Met: Skywars 2500+ Kills and 250+ Wins. UHC 70 wins, it's not really 100 wins but it's really hard to win these and they take around an hour so hopefully that can be an exception. I have decent stats on most other gamemodes as well. ( Sorry if this isn't formatted correctly, I wasn't sure if this is what you asked for ).
    Network Level: 31
    Favorite Game: Skywars, UHC is a close second.
    How often are you online: I'm online about 6-9 hours, depends on how late I wake up and sleep haha.

    Edit: For proof you can check the stats on my H20 account, I'll be linking my account to my forum account in about an hour or so when I get back home.
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  4. Hype! :D Gotta get on that guild coin grind.
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  5. IGN: (we won't accept inappropriate usernames): Setherson
    Time Zone: -- Central Time (USA)
    Requirements Met: -- Skywars Wins: 602 Skywars Kills: 4755
    Network Level: -- 33
    Favorite Game(s): -- Skywars (Mainly Solo and Team) and Crazy Walls
    How often are you online?: -- Mainly every day. I have school, so I am on at approximately 4:00PM-11:00PM. During weekends, I am on from 10AM-11PM. (Of course this varies upon if I have family plans or not).
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  6. IGN: ABCrabb
    Time Zone: EST Masterrace!
    Requirements Met: Technically none. I have 156 Skywars wins (133 solo- yay no friends ;-;) and 1215 kills. I have a heck of a lot of heart though!
    Network Level: 10
    Favorite Game: Currently Crazy Walls, but Skywars is a close second
    How often are you online?: Every day at this point. I find the games relaxing and fun. I don't have to worry about other stuff.

    I know I don't meet the requirements, but I figured I would try. No hard feelings if I don't make it <3
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  7. Jake_Conley

    Jake_Conley New Member

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  8. IGN: KoolKidsCarson
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (USA)
    Requirements Met: Well, the thing is, I only have 661 kills and 76 wins on Skywars, the majority of it on Solo. But I have like 12 Eximius wins so I'm basically a legend. As a total on Hypixel I have 914 kills and 85 wins. I've been playing more Crazy Walls lately and I have 8 wins on it (majority of it on Solo) and 80 kills. I also have 1700 Build UHC Elo on Badlion SO HYPE BOIS (joking).
    Network Level: 3 (HYPE)
    Favorite Game: Crazy Walls, Skywars is my second favorite.
    How often are you online?: How ever much you need me on fam. But in all seriousness, when I'm not hosting or tryharding elo on Badlion, I'm on here, which is a good 2-3 hours a day, which the majority of that is playing Crazy Walls

    If I don't get accepted it's all good fam. I don't really meet any requirements but I make really good cookies with lots of love <3.
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  9. IGN : Transparency
    Time zone : EST - Eastern Standard Time.
    Requirement met : I have +2000 wins and +25 000 kills in skywars.
    Network level : 72
    Favorite game : My favorite game is Skywars, but I really like UHC and Crazy Walls too.
    How often are you online : Because I have school, I can play from 5pm to 10pm on week days, but the weekend I can pretty much play all day (from 10am to 11pm).
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  10. IGN: (we won't accept inappropriate usernames): Shadow_LordX1
    Time Zone: -- Central Time Zone
    Requirements Met: -- Skywars wins 351 solo 111 team wins and for kills 2256 solo kills and 996 team kills
    Network Level: -- 35
    Favorite Game: -- Skywars and megawalls
    How often are you online?: -- I have school so I come home around 5:00 and usually I play from around 5:30 to 10:00. I can play longer on weekends. :)
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  11. IGN: HypixelGeek
    Time Zone: EST
    Requirements Met: Skywars kills: 3,727. Skywars wins: 419
    Network Level: 32
    Favorite Game: Skywars,Mega Walls,Crazy walls and Blitz survival games
    How often are you online?: Pretty much everyday
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  12. Hicoria

    Hicoria Well-Known Member

    Lol, 3:33PM - 333 Illuminati Confirmed!
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  13. Sevr

    Sevr New Member

    KillerKings MEMBER
    IGN: Sevr
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Requirements Met: Solo Sky Wars Kills: 1744 Team Sky Wars Kills: 805 Mega Sky Wars Kills: 44
    Total Kills: 2,593
    Network Level: 21
    Favorite Game: Sky Wars/Mega Walls
    How often are you online: Everyday for 1 to 12 hours
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  14. GeekyFandom

    GeekyFandom New Member

    IGN: LiloGotStitches
    Time Zone: AST
    requirements Met: 812 solo kills 137 solo wins 3019 team kills 307 team wins 323 mega kills 12 mega wins.
    Network level: 26 nearing 27
    Favorite game: Anything PvP related Skywars UHC and SG cant choose between
    How often are you online?: Every day 1 hour - 8 hours
    (im a no life)
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  15. IGN: trgtr
    Time Zone: Eastern (USA)
    Network level: 19
    Requirements met: believe I have enough wins but not enough kills ): I usually play mega and solo. My solo kit is ecologist and on mega I use baseball player lvl 3 or canoneer lvl 2 (to rush mid)
    My favorite gamemode is mega but I am very good at solo insane. I also like hypixel creative and crazy walls.
    I am online quite often, usually weekend nights.
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  16. SpliggMC

    SpliggMC New Member

    IGN: SpliggMC
    Time Zone: -- GMT // England // UK
    Requirements Met: -- 263 Solo Wins, 2031 Kills (I play most days, thisll have the Kills up soon, if I can't be accepted yet, I just wanted to put this down so it's here, and I can edit it when it is done
    Network Level: -- 16
    Favorite Game: -- Skywars // Second favourite: Crazy Walls
    How often are you online?: -- Pretty much everyday

    Just so you know, If Justin reads these, it's SpliggySploggy from YouTube // Twitch // Twitter :3
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  17. Golden_Goose12

    Golden_Goose12 New Member

    IGN: Golden_Goose12
    Time Zone: Eastern Time
    Requirements Met:
    4,908 kills and 497 total wins in Skywars
    Network Level: 24
    Favorite Game: Skywars
    How often are you online?:
    Every day for 2-3 hours or every other day. I want to show people that you don't need a rank to be good in a game. Unfortunately, I get called a hacker because I do not have a rank. I get called a hacker more than you Justin :p!

    Thanks for offering us this opportunity!
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  18. IGN: My minecraft IGN is Zirr_
    Time Zone: -- Atlantic Time Zone
    Requirements Met: -- at least 100 wins (any gamemode), I have 2100 wins so I hope you can make a exception. And I am active a lot.

    Network Level: -- My Network Level Is 15
    Favorite Game: -- My favorite Game Is Skywars
    How often are you online?: -- I'm Online For About 3 Hours Per Day
    Thank you for the offer and I hope I can get in your guild. Good luck to everyone on getting into the guild. I hope you like my application. -Zirr :)
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  19. Acidicdeadpool

    Acidicdeadpool New Member

    Requirements net: on Hypixel on almost daily bases, 2500+ skywars kills 200 skywars wins
    Time zone: ET
    Favorite game: Skywars
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  20. Acidicdeadpool

    Acidicdeadpool New Member

    Btw if I don't get accepted Justin can we at least do a game of skywars of something we don't have to but it would make a deadpool happy
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