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    ▞ Welcome to the Lemonade Guild! ▞
    Lemonade is a guild that is dedicated to its members and the community. We think centering around one game or topic is not the way to go and want to make it possible for all people to join the guild without having to grind stats in a specific game. We have very low requirements and the activity is the most important part of our guild. That’s also why we organize guild events​

    ▞ A bit of History ▞
    Lemonade is a very old guild, with that I mean that it's almost 4 years old. I created it almost right after I bought my rank and was very proud of it. It has gone through a lot, changing the guild name numerous times but it has always been an active guild. This means that people come on every day to play the game or just chill in guild chat.

    It went from an all games guild to a Bedwars guild than to a forum guild and then going back to an all games guild, just like it was in the beginning.

    Now, almost 4 years later the guild is still standing strong with roughly 60% of the guild checking in every 72 hours. We hope to see you being part of the future.

    ▞ Requirements ▞
    • Hypixel Level 25, if you are close you can also apply.​
    • You must be active on the Hypixel Network​
    • Access to Discord, this one is not really a requirement. If you can’t use it because you are not allowed to or for any other reason, we’ll be fine with that.​
    We sometimes still invite people if they don’t meet the requirements if we think you’ll meet them soon or look like an active player who really wants to join the guild.

    In order to join, there are a few steps you must go through. Firstly, you must apply using the format listed below.

    Guild Application
    We have a few questions we would like to ask you before inviting you to the guild, simply copy paste the following in the comments under this thread. Be honest in the application, they are not important but they can give us a good first impression of you as a player.
    Discord Username:
    Hypixel Level:
    Why do you want to join?:
    Do you particularly know anyone in the guild?
    How many hours a week are you able to play?:

    Favorite Gamemode(s) on Hypixel:
    Once you’ve applied, we’ll take a look at it and respond to it as soon as possible. Please keep the following in mind after you’ve submitted the application.
    • Please don’t ask us to review your application, we’ll most likely deny it instantly. You can bump your application after 2 weeks.
    • Lying on your application will lead to denial. (We check stats on every application)
    • If denied, begging to get in the guild, will most likely lead to becoming blacklisted from the guild.
    If you are accepted, I’ll invite you to the guild (or one of my managers will do). Be sure to leave your guild when you see the message so we can invite you as soon as possible without having to skip you till you’ve left your current guild. If you’ve left the guild, let us know so we can invite you. This can be done by simply responding to the accepted message or messaging one of the managers in-game.

    If the guild is full and you’ve been accepted, we’ll put you on a queue and message you in-game and on the forums when there is a spot empty for you to join.

    If you are denied, you most likely don’t meet the requirements. an Officer will reply to your forums application, passing on the news of your denial. You will not be invited to join forum. You can reapply after 2 weeks have passed, keep in mind that you’ll still have to meet the requirements or follow the instructions given in the denial message.

    Guild Team
    We have a small team of people that manage the guild, they have the following ranks:
    • Guild Master
    • Leader
    • Captain
    • Sergeant
    We have a few other team members who are currently inactive in game but active behind the screens, once they come back they'll obtain their staff role again.

    We also have a Trusted role, it's a role that I created because I would like to give people I know well a special role.

    We also have a Discord server, this makes it easy for us to keep our guild members up to date and is an easy way to interact with each other while playing games.

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  12. IGN: Silentt_
    Discord Username: Silentt#1509
    Hypixel Level: 103
    Why do you want to join?: I wanted to join a long time ago but never go around to doing so, I also have a lot of friends in the guild. Joining a guild would give me a reason to be active honestly
    Do you particularly know anyone in the guild? CosmiKazie noYOUinfinity Ochlophobia MrDisliked CookieBilly IHackedJake Disliked
    How many hours a week are you able to play?: No limit
    Favorite Gamemode(s) on Hypixel: skywars, bedwars, arcade,
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